2017 …. Powered By ….. 2016

It’s 8:30am on 1 January 2017, it’s already 31ºC and I can’t wipe the smile off my face!

Why, you might be wondering?  Because this time last year I made a decision to begin a “Good Things Jar.”  I found a container and some pretty coloured paper and a beautiful pen, and every time something good happened to me, I wrote it on the paper and dropped it in my jar!  Sometimes visitors noticed my jar on the sideboard and asked about it.  When I told them what I was doing, they too wrote something and popped it in.  Now I know that I did not continue to do this for the whole year – sometimes I got lost in life and illness and travel etc but I held fast to my decision to not read any of the notes until either New Year’s Eve or the morning after.

So, this morning I am sitting eating my breakfast and reading about all the fabulous stuff and people that shared 2016 with me.  Remember 2016 … that horrible crappy year that  we couldn’t wait to end?  Well, according to my jar, some pretty wonderful things happened right here in my life and were often overshadowed by the terrible losses and happenings on a world scale.

Sitting reading about the awesome things I did and the wonderful people that care about me, does not lessen the sadness and horror of the world happenings but it does give me some perspective.  I’ve learned that even if you feel like the sky is falling in, you can still make a difference in someone’s life by caring and sharing.  I’ve learned that even if the world feels crazy  and out of control, I can still appreciate God’s creation of flowers growing in my garden or Fev snoring (Abi’s word for purring) on my lap.

In the past, I have attempted to keep a Gratitude Journal, but with my blogging and at times poor motivation, sometimes that seemed like a job!  My “Good Things Jar” seems way more manageable and indeed a pleasure.  Never did I think of the impact that reading those little notes would have on me, could be so mood changing or perspective giving.

So I recommend you find a jar or a bowl or a vase and some pretty paper and pen and begin today.  Maybe you could start a family one?  Don’t make it a formal, must do thing.  Make it an ‘as the inspiration takes you’ thing.  It doesn’t matter if you miss a day or two.

Gosh, it doesn’t matter if you miss six months!!!  Whenever you choose to read your love notes – there will be plenty of nourishment for your heart and soul to pick you up from a year like 2016 and dust yourself off, and be totally ready for 2017 to begin with love and joy and thankfulness!

Happy New Year and thank you for all the support  you give me by reading my words.

2017 – I’m  ready for you!


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