My Dilemma!

Every year around this time, I have a dilemma!

Dilemma ~ a situation in which a difficult choice has to be made between two or more alternatives, especially ones that are equally undesirable.

My dilemma …

Do I or do I not, use my air conditioner?

If you live in Brisbane, or anywhere in Queensland Australia for that matter, you know that during the end of January and the beginning of February, the weather becomes almost unbearable. The temperatures may not be the extreme highs that South Australia, Victoria or New South Wales can experience but the consistent 30+°C temperatures, coupled with the high humidity is something to be endured rather than enjoyed! The relative humidity immediately makes it feel 3-5°C hotter.

So what are the problems related to Summer and high humidity?

Your makeup slides off your face before you leave the bathroom. Your hair looks like this …


You are never dry and I mean never!  And you can only wear clothing made of natural fibres.

If you are anything other than a stick insect – some part of your body will develop a rash from sweating.  If you are a curvy person, you will take it one step further and suffer from what we call “chub rub!”

Your house will probably grow mould in unusual places.


You have no desire to touch anyone else … big problem if you happen to be a breastfeeding mama!  No, I am not but I have a long memory!

You have no desire to cook!  You have no desire to move!  Hence, all productivity ceases – which is a major problem because, of course, this is when the holidays end for most of us and the kidlets return to school with all its fabulous after school activities.

There are many solutions to the above problems, offered by many better qualified bloggers than me, as the following links will show.

Makeup help – Primers – with thanks to Nikki Parkinson at Styling You

Hair help –  Anti- frizz – again thanks to Styling You

Clothing help –  no one in particular – I just know this stuff!!!!

Chub rub help –  3B Cream and others – with thanks to Jenni Eyles at Styling Curvy

Mould help –  Oil of Cloves and Vinegar – with thanks to Kidspot

Breastfeeding help –  Extra fluids, cool face washer – with thanks to  Australian Breastfeeding Association

Which brings us to the last one!


I wish!!  The only way it can be solved is by resolving my dilemma –

Do I or do I not, use my air conditioner?

Of course you use your aircon, I hear you say!  With the aircon you are productive and a master chef and you make interesting & healthy school lunches!  You are happy and rested and more creative!  You are even open to a hug every now and then!

Why wouldn’t you use your aircon?

Two words – Electricity bills!

As someone who has been trying to live off a pension and who is just beginning to take tentative steps to move back into the work force, the cost of running my aircon is a major dilemma!  Without it, I am less motivated and sleep poorly.  With it, I spend many hours worrying as to what surprise will eventually be waiting in the letterbox when my bill arrives!


Today, I am sitting in the cool of my air conditioned house.  I set rules that guide my usage.

  • The temperature must reach a certain number by a certain time before I flick the on switch.
  • I have a set temperature which doesn’t change.
  • I try to keep the filters clean and the unit maintained.
  • I try to be as productive as possible, while it is on.
  • In Winter, I use extra clothing and snuggly blankets, rather than the heating, so that I have lower usage.  That way, I have money in the bank, for the Summer when I really need it.
  • Long term, I would love to get solar panels but financially that is beyond me at the moment.

Even being a responsible aircon user, I still feel like it is a dilemma for me!

Do you have a recurring dilemma that you are struggling with?

Are you between a rock and a hard place?

Is it fixable or is it a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation?


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  1. Here in Auckland NZ we are beginning to think about getting air con. The humidity this summer has been unbearable.

    1. In your situation it would be difficult to cool your whole house but in the bedroom, I’m sure you would appreciate it, Jan!

  2. I too am feeling your pain. The other financial burden of February is so many bills coming in . Rates, car insurance, post Christmas credit card as well as the regulars. I think when you decide to buy a car or subsequent car your decision should not be governed by the best deals but “when will the insurance/ rego” be due. Oh February how I love thee.

  3. As we get older I think we don’t cope with humidity
    Use it. We ate putting aircon in our next house in selected rooms
    Will not use it much but in February I expect

    1. By being away in NZ for part of the hols – I can justify it! Queensland Summers – who’d have them BUT Queensland winters – to die for!!

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