About the blog

I began this blog in 2014 during a time when I felt like I had things to share but often became emotional and confused when speaking them.  Writing helped me to organise those thoughts and to see the joy in my life, which at times seemed dark.  I had lost my husband, Adrian, to cancer in 2009 and my sons were all grown up and had left the nest.

Adrian and Me

Anxiety and panic attacks had become my companions and I was regularly seeing a psychologist in an attempt to enable me to become a participant in life once more.  It was during one of these sessions, that I shared my love of writing and also mentioned that I enjoyed reading blogs.  I felt connected to the outside world when bloggers told their stories and I could comment and would get a reply.  It was about here that my psychologist suggested that I too, might have a story to tell and that others might connect with it!  She asked if I had ever considered  writing out my thoughts and publishing them on a blog of my own?  I told her that I had thought about it but felt I needed a safe place to share my thoughts and feelings.  Together, we decided that there was no safer place than the whole wide world  through the internet!

The Mandy Diaries was born.

It began tentatively, promoted through my personal Facebook page.  My family and friends made up my entire readership in the early days.  I was writing for myself but was soon surprised to realise that others were relating to what I wrote and  sometimes I was able to cause them to smile or shed a tear.  I was enjoying the conversation and connection that would come when readers left a comment.

In The Mandy Diaries I write as I feel.  I continue to look for the joy in my daily life – and share it!  I love my family, my friends and my Fev (cat).  I am inspired by the people in my life  and think you might be too.  So I write about them.  I have been able to open up discussions on the crisis that my farming friends face each day;  on world issues that touch us all and through my own journey, remove some of the misunderstanding surrounding mental health.  These are the things I feel, so I write.

Me & Boys

It seems my little corner of the internet is growing and more people than I ever dreamed of, continue to read and connect with my stories.  With that in mind, BerlinBoy (son number 2) has spruced up my space and has made it more ME with colours and designs and other technical things that I love but don’t understand.

I’ve separated my personal and my public (how wanky does that sound???) profile a bit more. The blog now has it’s own email, website and Facebook page.  Apparently, not every reader wants to read multiple updates on where Richie McCaw is at any given time!!

So, change is in the air but I am still here … telling my stories.  And you are still very welcome and most important … when you read and when you join in the conversations.