Blogging Break Ahead! Brain in Need of Repair!

Hi there – you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been absent from my blog for a bit over a week.  You are right, I have been.

Over the last couple of months, I’ve had a reoccurrence of my depressive illness and after discussions with my doctors, it was decided to restart some anti depression medication.  The transition has mostly gone well, with much improved sleep and general brightness of mood.  However, I have had a couple of negative reactions which I am hoping, with time will sort themselves out.

The most frustrating side affect for me is that I am having a lot of trouble reading and writing.  Now I can physically do these things, but the understanding and retaining of information to follow a plot or write creatively doesn’t seem to be there at the moment.  Basically, my brain just feels really tired!  It has not affected my verbal language – conversation is fine, as is listening to podcasts or watching television or movies.  I feel sure this will be temporary and I’ll be back in full swing soon.


With this in mind – when Jenny from the Farm, rang me and asked if I’d like to come for a farm stay, it seemed like the perfect solution.  A week of chatting and country air to help my head sort itself out.  So, what I planned to be a one week blogging break, will in fact be about a month blogging break.  The internet out on the farm is not quite as good as mine at home and although I might post the odd thing on The Mandy Diaries Facebook page, I won’t be posting anything specifically on my blog.

I’ll be back online on 3 October – hopefully firing on all cylinders.

(If you only knew how long it took me to put this post together!  4 hours!!! Come back soon brain!)


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