Bomb Diving Into Life – The Sequel.

I love movies and I have been seeing a few good ones lately.  In fact, I think that the 2016/17 batch is of a very high standard.  Two of the best, I’ve seen in the last  few weeks, are Mel Gibson’s return to directing, Hacksaw Ridge and the marvellous Australian film, Lion! Both are based on truth and both have wonderful young British actors in the lead roles.  Andrew Garfield is perfect as, American  Desmond Doss in Hacksaw Ridge.  While Dev Patel has the most natural Australian accent, in his role as Saroo Brierley, the young Indian adopted by Australian parents.

My preference, in cinema, is always for a great story and intriguing characters … and drama …. there has to be drama!  My taste in comedy is quite specific, so it is not my goto genre and neither are action movies, with the exception being the Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) or anything with a moment of Tom Hiddleston in it.  In the same way I usually loathe sequels, with the same exceptions (MUC or TH)!!  However, on Sunday, I witnessed a sequel that just has to be seen to be believed and therefore must be shared.

Firstly, a recap on the original.  A bit over one year ago, I wrote a piece entitled Bomb Diving Into Life – if you click on the link it will take you there for a memory jolt!  In short, I had been feeling very dissatisfied with my body but was at a dear family place for a swim and was virtually issued a challenge to bomb dive into the pool.  Well, you can read all about the outcome of that yourself ….

The  irony, of all this is, that just few days over a year later, I found myself at the same pool, with the same people, feeling exactly the same way about my body!  The differences were that the boys were a year older (4 and 8),  I was not issued a bomb dive challenge and as I had just washed my hair that  morning, I had decided to attempt to sit gracefully on the step and then slip gently into the water for a quiet cool down.

I don’t know if I have mentioned before, but I have very dodgy knees that are prone to simply giving up the ghost when they are called upon to push me up something or in the same vein, take the weight when I’m stepping down on to something.  For this reason, I am extremely careful to use stairs and railings when ascending or descending anything.  I scanned where the steps down into the pool were and was pleased to see there were 3 quite shallow steps and I was thinking that the task at hand would be easy.

Cheeky Mr 4

I need to pause here to set the scene.  My friend was already in the water,  happily sipping on her ice cold cider, when she saw that the pool cleaner – the creepy crawly – was blocking part of the step and so she leaned over to attempt to move it away. Mr 4 had decided not to swim with us and so  was sitting comfortably in a deckchair, next to the pool playing the most annoying Country & Western Christmas Carols … loudly … on his mother’s phone!  C’mon already, it’s almost February and actually I blame the mother for even having them on her playlist!!!  Mr 8, meanwhile, was on his way out from the deck, into the water I think, but I honestly can’t be sure.

Mr 8

This is where the slow motion action begins …

I step down onto the first step, sunglasses on, icy cold cider in hand, knowing that there are 2 more shallow steps to my left, before I would be in deeper water.  At the same time, my friend moves towards the steps to move the Creepy.  At that split second, I decide to step down onto the steps to the right rather than the left.  Of course, what I don’t know is that there are NO steps to the right … only the dark abyss that is thee deep end!

Arms flail!  A loud Sh*t floated through the air before my head disappeared underwater!  Sunglasses fly!  Tidal wave ensues, swamping my friend’s bottle of cider and my friend.  But my  hand that is gripping my drink is straight and tall … above the water and not a drop is lost!  Mr 7 just stands and marvels at the size of the tidal wave!  But the look of abject horror on the face of Mr 4 had to be seen to be believed!  He was disgusted and probably scarred for life at the sight he could not unsee.  After issuing an apology for my words, that are not normally heard in this lovely family, my friend and I just laughed and laughed but secretly I was thinking …. that’ll teach the little sh*t for playing those revolting songs!!

As calm settled on the pool area and cider was sipped to check for pool water content, I reached over to grab a kickboard to assist with my floatation.  Mr 4 flew out  of his seat and with great concern … for his kickboard … he calmly stated that he didn’t think I should use the board, as he didn’t want it broken by me!   It was quite obvious to his mother and I that he did not wish my rather large, wave producing body anywhere near his stuff!

Unfortunately, there is no  photographic proof of any of this.  Sometimes it is just better to have lived the memory rather than have the perfect pic!

And the moral of this tale is …

Sometimes you need to dip into those things that may not be your first goto choices – like – comedy, action and even the occasional sequel – because sometimes they are just what you need!



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