Bomb Diving Into Life!

Sometimes you just have to take the plunge in life and jump.  That’s what I did yesterday.

On a ridiculously hot day, I did a bomb dive into a pool and caused waves and it didn’t hurt me – or the others in the pool!  I did it!  Preparation and element of surprise was key.

The challenge had been thrown out by one of the little boys over morning tea.  I had deflected it at the time, stating the fact that getting into my togs  and actually swimming ought to be enough!!

Last week, a visit to my doctor, had included a weigh in ….. numbers up!  And a blood pressure check ….. numbers up!  It seemed to me that the minute my head was clearing, my body was telling me that it was it’s turn to get some attention.  I had immediately gone home from that appointment and resolved to include more movement into each day.  I would start slowly – not much choice really because my inactive body absolutely ached after a few days of a minuscule increase.  So an invitation to visit friends with a pool, saw me locking in a swim, in front of people that cared about me, not what I looked like in togs.  It would be a safe-ish place to start!  But then came that challenge!  When those little boys heard I would be swimming with them …. “Are you going to do a bomb dive?”  At almost 57 years old and classed by the medical profession as morbidly obese, getting into a pool was to be a challenge alone – a bomb dive never even crossed my mind!

But opportunity offered a chance too good to let pass.  When I came out to the pool, being the last to get changed into my togs, everyone else was already in the water.  I felt the once familiar, long time forgotten feeling of mischief, rising up inside me.  Why not? They are not expecting it!  Do it!


With a few quick words of warning to the little kid (3)  to close his mouth to make sure he didn’t get swamped …. I jumped!  The bigger kid (7) just stood there with mouth open, marvelling at the size and the amount of waves caused!  The mother of these two kidlets, exclaimed “Major brownie points scored, right there! Major brownie points!”

I’m relieved sad to say, there was no photographic proof of this momentous event.  It wasn’t the prettiest bomb dive I had ever done but it was certainly the most satisfying one.  I had set myself a precedence.  I no longer needed to sit on the sidelines of life.  I could be a participant.  Not simply sticking a toe in but taking on life with a bang or should I say SPLASH!

I intend to have fun and continue making waves in the coming weeks.

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How about you?


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  1. Good for you!!!

    Bet the water felt lovely and it’s a great way to exercise without stressing joints.

    Have a fabulous day🏊🏽😎☀️

    1. The water felt awesome and I will be repeating the swim today with my god daughter, Abi, who is coming for a sleepover tonight. I will, however, be wearing a rashie today due to a bad dose of sunburn obtained yesterday! 😟

    1. Thank you Miriam! Now I will have to work out how to complete the requirements … I’m such a novice!!

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