Brain Dump 101.

Five days have past since I have written anything of worth and I still feel like I am dragging the chain in that department.  Life got in the way and it was if I just put down my laptop and phone, for once, and decided to live it!  On top of that, the weather has been hot and sitting at a desk just contributes to swollen and uncomfortable feet.  Add to that, my wedding anniversary with all the feels that go with that plus disturbed sleep patterns, and once again, my creative brain feels like it is in turmoil.  BUT never fear – I have scribbled notes in my journal on each event and there will be writing … plenty of writing – eventually!

Some of the activities I have been involved in are: a visit to the ballet; the beach; Miss Abi came to stay; the flower market; the movies; Christmas activities like decorating and baking and shopping; visiting friends; a secret Christmas surprise outing and a strong desire to sleep at the wrong time of day!!!  All things, bar the last one, that I am keen to share with you but as the clock ticks past 9:00am, signifying the fact that I have been up for over 4 hours and all my body and mind wants to do is sleep now, whether it is an appropriate place or not!!  Most frustrating!!

Do you have times like this?  When the physical body lets down your creative mind?

How do you snap out of it or do you just have to wait it out, like I do?

Hopefully I’ll be back firing on all cylinders by Monday.  Until then …

Happy Weekend!



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