Building the Structure for Living.

I’ve been absent from the inter webs.  I lost my desire.  I thought I had nothing to write about.  My mental health has been steady.  Not spectacular but steady.  Truth be told … steady some of the time!  I have been gallivanting around – socialising at weddings and functions, cooking and baking for others.  I even danced at one of the weddings.  I’ve continued to work on my spiritual journey.  So everything has been moving when I’m out and about … but back home my life looks like this ….

My Kitchen bench looks like this

My bedroom looks like this 
My dressing table looks like this

My ‘Books I Want To Read’ stack, looks like this

And my physical health, looks like this

It seems obvious that I have little structure in my home life.

So 2018 must be about STRUCTURE for me.

Structure means writing again.  It means going to bed at a regular time.  It means going to my volunteer job every week.  It means having those medical checkups.  It means moving my body on a regular basis.  It means cooking and eating healthy food, simply because I am worth it.  It means singing in my Community Choir and dancing in my kitchen!

Structure begins with this

So bring out that broom ….


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