Can’t See For Looking!

I’ve just spent 2 hours looking for my computer  glasses and I found them exactly where I took them off!  I’m now exhausted and it is only 6:20am.  What is wrong with me?  Arrgh…

It began with my decision to go to bed early.  I had been falling asleep in front of the TV since 8pm and was tired of rewinding the IQ to find the part of the show I was up to before the last doze.  At this rate, the recorded new episode of Luther would not be  finished by the end of the month!!  Now going to bed early, and by early I mean 10-10:30ish, is always fraught with danger.  It usually means eyes wide open as soon as head hits pillow and last night was no exception.  It took me about an hour to settle and eventually fall asleep – which I deemed a success.

Next thing I know I’m sitting bolt upright in bed – thinking  “I don’t know where my glasses are and if I can’t find my glasses …. I’m pretty much blind!”  I reached over to the top of my beside table to feel for my glasses which were there and put them on and heaved a sigh of relief.  It was then that I looked at the time – 4am!  Great still time for more sleep …. yeah right!  I decided to go to the bathroom and it was there that the thought crossed my mind that it wasn’t my everyday glasses I couldn’t find, it was my computer glasses.  Yes, I have 3 pairs of prescription glasses – one for everyday, sunglasses and my computer glasses.  So with my mind active and up, I decided to have a quick look for them.  Bad mistake.  Quick look … at 4am?

So here I am, at 6:20am, sitting at my computer with said lost glasses sitting happily on my face.  In between 4am and 6am I ended up turning my entire Unit upside down.  I tried to let it go until later.  I actually went and lay down on my bed for about 30seconds but my brain wondered if I had left them in the car?  Car has also been turned upside down.

I opened every drawer and cupboard in my house.  I looked in the washing machine, dishwasher, oven, microwave and fridge!  I folded 2 baskets of washing and sorted through the dirty washing baskets.  I looked under beds and shoved my hand down the gaps in the furniture.  I moved the furniture …. every bit I own!!  I looked in filing cabinets and went through rubbish bags.  I emptied every handbag I own – even if I hadn’t used them in the last year.  I walked around the garden and looked in the garden tool box.  I lifted curtains and checked window sills.  And then I started all over again ….

And there they were, sitting on the sideboard, right next to where I was dozing last night and where I had previously looked – twice before!!  And now the time is 6:20am and I am having my morning cuppa.

2016-02-29 06.36.44

Going to bed early is soooooo overrated.

Happy Monday Everyone x


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  1. Oh Mandy, you make me laugh only because you remind me so much of myself. I’ve “lost” my glasses so many times, only to find them exactly where I left them. The problem is, my memory’s going on me! You should have rung me up at 4am cos I was up too, we could have had a pow wow!

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