Christmas Greetings from the Vortex that is my Life!

VORTEX: a whirling mass of fluid or air, especially a whirlwind or whirlpool

Wishing everyone a very blessed and peaceful Christmas and holiday season from the bottom of the vortex that masquerades as my life!

Yes, I do realise that I am a little late with my greeting but my life, this past week, has been full to the brim with surprises  – both good and bad.  I have had more things to write about this past week than I have in most of the 52 weeks previous!  I have been to new places; seen  new things; tried new activities; pushed both my mind and my body to their limit and have not been able to blog about any of this newness because of one little cuppa.  Yes, one cup of tea that I decided to leave to the side of my MacBook Air instead of placing it behind my Mac!  As soon as I stood up, I knew that I had bumped it and it was well on the way to drowning my keyboard in tea made exactly as I like it – strong with just a dash of milk!  Surprise number 1 – BAD

Can I just pause here to issue a public announcement, please?

If you are going to be spilling liquid on your Apple computer, I need to say that 3 days before Christmas is not the time!  Most of the smaller Apple registered companies are going to be closing between Christmas and New Year, and therefore will not begin to assess your machine until after then!  Only after your laptop  as been assessed can they work out if the warranty is valid and the machine is fixable or an insurance claim can be made.  After that, when it is deemed unable to be fixed or will be too expensive to repair and will instead have to be replaced …. you will have missed all the Boxing Day Sales bargains!!!

So I have had no computer and am not likely to have one for a few weeks.  I have no home computer and find it quite difficult to blog from my phone, which is quite old.  So how, you might ask am I writing this?  I am typing on a laptop that belongs to BerlinBoy, who only last Tuesday, decided to fly home for Christmas!!!!!  Surprise number 2 – GOOD  Only he and I knew this info, so with much excitement I picked him up from the airport and took him home and hid him away until his brothers arrived at 6:30pm and pandemonium ensued!  Such unbridled joy and excitement, made up for no longer relevant  previous plans.  We have all been through the ringer with his health issues this year – none more so than he.  So it will be lovely to have him close by for the next few weeks!  He is out this evening, so I have taken the opportunity to jump on his laptop and let you all know that I am still alive and kicking!

I have many more surprises to share, some GOOD some BAD, but they will have to wait for another day to be blogged about.  I have no idea when I’ll get back to this regularly but I am living my life, being tossed around in my own personal vortex!  I am enjoying having all my Boys in close proximity.  By far my proudest moments as a mother come, when I sit back and observe these men, that came from me, love and support each other and unashamedly show that love towards each other.  It’s a love that has grown from fighting together to survive the death of their father, at an age when boys need their Dad the most.  They have become just that – fathers to each other and for that I am grateful.

Once again, Happy Christmas – enjoy being with your family.  Don’t fight!  Be the  bigger person if the need arises because you really don’t know how long you will get to have each other.

Love always,

Mandy x

p.s.  There is a lot wrong with this post but I am going to post it anyway.  Pictures just don’t want to load ….

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  1. Great to have P back
    Unfortunate about laptop they can be frustrating
    We were going on nBN but decided we couldn’t cope with finding a server and nbn dropouts!!😞
    So go with the flow and it will all turn out in the end
    Don’t dwell on the issues
    Things change all the time
    Greetings to touvall❤️

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