Crossing That Line ….

For the last 18 days, life has been teaching me some important lessons.  And some of those lessons have not been mine to share!  Or so I have discovered.

For the first time since publishing my personal blog, I ran into trouble when sharing something that was happening to one of my family members but was also affecting myself and the others in my family.  For the first time, I removed a post that caused distress to a loved one.  I crossed an unwritten boundary within my family group.

I felt bad about it because it was not my intention to hurt anybody.  But I also felt confused and I was unsure as to how to continue to write my story if I couldn’t write openly and truthfully.  I was reminded by those closest to me, that this time it wasn’t about me and I had to honour the wishes of the person concerned.  And so I have.

I have remained silent for 18 days, while turmoil has whirled all around me …. changing me and changing those I love the most.  I have remained silent while terrible thoughts have raged inside my head and bad memories have been triggered in my heart and distance has tested my ability to carry on my daily life.  I have also remained silent when extreme kindnesses have been shared with me and prayers have been answered  and new opportunities have been taken and old friendships have been renewed.

The situation is ongoing and will be for awhile, so I won’t be going into details.  But silence was a necessary lesson I had to learn.  A really tough lesson for an oversharer!  I have proven to myself that I can be quiet ….. eventually!  But not for too long.


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  1. We live and learn don’t we Mandy. Hopefully everything will work out okay.

    Sending you warmest wishes and wishing you peace of mind.

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