Detox! But Only Partial!

I’ve had a pretty good week and so I thought I would push my luck and try for something that my family and myself, both know I need.

A partial social media detox weekend!!!!  

Notice – I didn’t say a full blown, shut down everything, remove the apps off my phone, cold turkey, absolutely no social media at all, weekend!  No, just a partial one.  I really don’t know how I will go, because social media is my lifeline.  But I have a pretty busy and interesting weekend ahead …. so I thought I would see how I go.  I also know that a weekend isn’t really long enough but I have things going on in my life that require me to stay contactable online.  So a weekend is a start.

I often find myself viewing life through my phone camera and as I will be doing a bit of touristing over the weekend, I am going to try to actually view it in real life, rather than through my camera.  Also, I have decided not to take my laptop with me for the first time ever!!!  I’ll be taking my notebook and pen instead.  Wish me luck!


What am I doing and where am I going. you may ask?  Well, I’m not going to tell you.  Rather, I will just say that Thelma and Louise are going on another adventure and I’m really hoping not to get ill this time!  If you want to read about our last weekend adventure, just click HERE.

I’m just a little bit excited.   Oh yeah, another hint …. we will be boarding a plane and flying away for the weekend.  I’m sure I won’t be able to not post the odd photo on my Instagram account, so if you can’t wait for Monday’s blog post, follow me there!


Have a great weekend everybody.  The weather is going to be beautiful here in Brisbane – Summer appears to have come early.  It’s just a shame I won’t be in Brisbane to experience it!

Not really sad though because …. ‘Girls Weekend!’


Hi, I’m Mandy! Wandering my way through life using words. Family and friends. Connection and community. I care. I write. I share. I post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and if you’d like receive updates via email please click HERE.

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  1. Hey Mandy, sounds like lots of fun. Have a great weekend and enjoy the ‘partial detox’ Nothing beats living life without feeling we have to record it all the time! Go girl. 🙂

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