Did I Just Say … Happy Monday?

Welcome to Monday people!

I have clean fresh sheets on my bed and the old ones are already washed and hanging on the line.   A brand new box of goodies from Hello Fresh has been ordered to be delivered to my door, so I will have great new ingredients for tasty meals to cook this week.  I bought some fantastic new walking shoes (Skechers) yesterday and have already exercised on my leg exercise bike thingy!  I have completed my 10 minute guided mindfulness meditation with my Headspace App so I can begin the day with a clear and focussed mind.  I have my daily planner carefully filled out for the day and have already ticked off 2 of the 8 glasses of water that I am to drink each day.  Can you tell that I am having an absolutely awesome start to the day?

2016-01-11 00.20.36

Have I told you that I have this swanky new website for my blog?  I have?  Well, I must have forgotten – it surely must have got lost in my super intelligent IT guru mind when I thought I was doing super intelligent and important IT bloggy things with my photos …. and I was actually


I’m sorry – I think I might have been shouting just now!  I believe that some of my older posts may be lacking in photos for awhile, until I can discover where they decided to go or until I can get in contact with the real super intelligent IT guru mind – BerlinBoy – who just happens to be BackpackingaroundAsiaBoy for the next 5 weeks!!  And we all know that’s going to be really easy!!!

2016-01-02 10.14.05       2016-01-02 10.13.52

Anyway, my wall garden is looking beautiful with about 8 of the plants flowering, in many different colours.  I’m enjoying reading Big Magic, the latest book by Elizabeth Gilbert, which is subtitled “Creative Living Beyond Fear” – seems appropriate don’t you think?  Soon my friend will be here for a cuppa and a catch up about our holidays.  And the cat is happily licking her bum!


Hopefully, my super intelligent IT mind will be back soon and I can take another shot at being the bloggy guru.

Meanwhile, what great stuff have you captured this happy Monday?



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  1. Happy but hot Monday. Great way to start the day with a catch up with friends. Also managed to get washing and ironing up to date. Waiting for the temperature to drop to do a bit of exercise.

    1. Yes, catching up with friends makes for a great start to the week!
      You are a saint ironing in this weather, aircon on here!!
      Enjoy your evening walk, Ann.

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