Dispute Resolution 101!

Disputes can be so tiring!  I lose so much sleep worrying about whether I’m right or wrong?  Or if I’ve given the disputee (word creation alert) a fair go?  I try to look at both sides of the situation.  Am I doing my best to get a long?  Have I walked in their shoes and looked at things from their side?  Have I really listened to them?

I’m in a dispute – at the moment – with my bed!  Or to be more exact – my mattress!  Can you see how much more tiring than a normal dispute that could be?

My bed - on a good day!
My bed – on a good day!

I am so in love with my bed but it is just not coming to the party.  All I want is a good night’s sleep but it is making things difficult for me!  I treat my bed well – it gets fresh, clean sheets once a week.  I pull all the covers back every morning to give it a couple of hours of airing and a blast of sunshine through the bedroom window.  I make it neatly, most days, before I climb into it.  I even change which side I sleep on, so as not to put either side under duress!

How does my bed repay me for these many kindnesses?

It repays me with sleep, distributed in short spurts.  Or wild and crazy dreams – that I can’t remember when I wake up.  Or a body so full of aches and pains when I do wake up in the morning, that it can hardly get up!  Oh yes, and a mind so exhausted that to formulate an argument to actually get up and function, often seems beyond it!

Now to be honest, I have probably treated my poor bed with contempt over the last few years.  Spent too much time curled up in it – hiding from the world.  And I’ve probably drowned it in tears more times than it felt able to cope with.  But it has always been my “go to” person.  First stop when things got too hard!  You would think it would be honoured but NO …. it rewards me by collapsing at the sides and no longer supporting me as needed!

Have I given it a chance to express itself?  Listened to both sides of the story?  Walked in it’s shoes?  I think the answer to all these questions is YES!  I’m really sorry bed but you have had plenty of time to put things right from your end but you just don’t seem capable of pulling your weight any more.  It’s not as if I’ve been using you for wild and abandoned sex for the last few years!!  I am beginning to feel like the only answer here is replacement!

So I am considering a new mattress.  Does anyone have any experience with the Ecosa mattress?  Or the Kóala mattress?  Or any other wonder product for me to consider!

This dispute has to be resolved!


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