Falling For Autumn.

Anyone that knows me, even a little bit …. knows that I love Autumn!  I have a Pinterest Board dedicated to it!


The colours of Autumn are the colours of my life.  Being a red headed kid, it didn’t take me long to realise that Autumnal tones were my thing and I’ve been wearing them ever since.  The colours of changing leaves send me into space with happiness.  I have decorated my home using those glorious shades!  My blog has a definite Autumnal theme.  I have artwork in oranges and golds and browns hanging on my walls.  I adore the richness of the tones and they say comfort and warmth and cosy to me.  I even own an Autumn coloured cat!

TMD Leaf by JonI can’t wait for the weather change that comes with Autumn.  The air is just that much cooler and it has me reaching for a blanket when I’m sitting on the couch watching TV at night.  It reminds me that it will soon be doona time and hints at the expectation of the seasons first fire in the hearth.  The cat cuddles in bed and when sitting around are welcomed with open arms and a willing lap!  The cool clear air makes those gardening chores enjoyable, especially when mowing the lawn can be used as a warming up exercise.


The clothes of Autumn are my favourite.  Jeans – YAY!!  Boots and socks – double YAY!!!!  Long sleeved tops and pretty colourful scarfs.  No need for jumpers or coats or jackets – yet.  But I know it won’t be long until rugging up to go to the footy will be necessary.  Not only can I wear the colours and clothes that I love, I can also apply my make up and be sure it will stay on my face for most of the day.

Autumn - I live for

Then there’s the food of the season.  Porridge for breakfast, soups and stews.  It’s great to cook in the oven again, having given the barbecue quite the workout over Summer.  Meeting up with my girlfriends for coffee or hot chocolate (for this non-coffee drinker) can become a pleasurable thing once more.  Hot drinks in warm weather are not a menopausal woman’s friend!

Okay ….. enough of this rubbish!  Yes!  I totally love Autumn and all it involves but unfortunately I live in a city whose climate does not know the meaning of Autumn.  So let me tell you what Autumn is like in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Autumn in Brisbane is just another hot, humid day, with +30ºC temperatures.  It’s sweat beads on my upper lip and running down my face …. taking my makeup with it.  It is glowing like a beacon after mowing the lawn or walking anywhere further than the front yard.

2016-03-11 18.51.28

It’s beaches and sand and swimming and gorgeous sand and surf!




It’s burning hot car seats and seat belts when I thought it was Autumn so I parked my car in a sunny spot!  It’s fans and sheets at night.  It’s the odd rainy day that tricks me into thinking the temperature has dropped enough to wear sleeves!

It’s evergreen trees and confused bulbs and shrubs that are shooting and budding way too early.





It’s melting chocolate Easter Eggs that I forgot to put in the fridge.  It’s the start of the footy season, with the sportsmen and women having to deal with heat exhaustion in the early games.

And it’s the cat still wanting cuddles on my knee at night, when she spends most of her days like this ….


Autumn in other countries and colder parts of Australia – I salute you!  I will celebrate with you and enjoy your blog posts and Instagram pictures.

And then I will gloat about the whole 5 days of Winter that we have to put up with!  Maybe 5 days is a little to few …. 3 weeks is closer to the truth!

File 20-03-2016, 6 21 53 PM


Happy Autumn everyone!


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  1. What a happy post to start us off in Autumn
    You truely are an Autumn person and Autumn colouring too.
    Here in the Hinterland we are feeling cooler not humid. It’s a nice change

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