Family Weddings.

This week I booked a flight to go home to New Zealand, for the wedding of my niece, which is happening in September.  I can’t wait because I really love weddings and I will have the added bonus of plenty of baby cuddling too!  You see the gorgeous couple whose wedding I flew home for a couple of years ago (you can read all about it here – Different But Yet the Same) are due to welcome their first baby very soon and that sweet thing will be a 4 month old snuggle bunny by the time I arrive!  So roll on September for two of my favourite things –  family weddings and babies!

That got me thinking about weddings and why I love them so much.  As kids, weddings were always a big deal.  We got new dresses and had our hair done and usually managed to get a family photo together.  We also had the chance to dance with our Dad, who was a very good dancer, although we only got about 5 steps in before he became a clown and ruined our princess moment!

Mum always sewed us a new dress, usually made from crimplene, from the fabric offcuts that my Dad would bring home from the factory he was working at then, Silknit!  My sister and I would usually have the same style but different colours.  Mum would sometimes curl my very straight, red hair which made me feel very ‘girly’, as it was cut in a short boyish, pixie cut until I was about 10 and decided, I too wanted long hair like my sister had. So I grew mine for the next 9 years and my sister promptly cut hers off short!  The first weddings we ever attended, were of our older male cousins and we felt so special.  I was so proud to have my photo taken with the bride in the photo below.

Another very special wedding was when a close friend of our family asked all 3 of us kids to be junior bridesmaids and my brother pageboy!  It was a winter wedding in New Zealand and both the bride and us, were to have beautiful velvet dresses.  Ours was to be the prettiest soft pink and I loved the feel of the fabric.  We also wore little fur jackets over the top for when we were outside.  However, a catastrophe occurred just two weeks before the big day!  Our dresses had got a little crushed in the making process and so the  dressmaker had steamed them, which soon took all the creases out but it also made the dresses shrink about 5 cms in all directions!  Not one of us could get anywhere near the dresses, let alone do them up!  So gone were the beautiful pink velvet frocks and new aqua, crimplene dresses were quickly run up and worn.  I was so sad because just about all my dresses at the time were made of crimplene!  It was still a very special day.

My sister’s wedding was another very happy occasion.  Again I felt like a princess in my beautiful white dress that had touches of lemon in the bodice and bows.  As I look back at the photographs, it is fun to see the trends of the day.  Whether it be hair styles or makeup or shoes or hats or mens suits.  Each tells a wonderful story of love and commitment and of a memory to draw on.

I wasn’t able to attend my brother’s wedding, as I was living in Australia by that time and was much too pregnant with BossBoy to fly. But now we are able to share with the next generation as they make their public commitment to each other.  Our children have enjoyed their cousins weddings as I enjoyed mine.  Sadly, it seems this time my Boys won’t be able to attend the latest one due to distance, work, money and study.  They are disappointed as cousin time is always fun time as is obvious from the photo below!


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