Feeling All The Feels.

I knew it would happen.  I didn’t know when or where but it wasn’t unexpected.  This morning was the when and lying in my bed was the where.  My eyes started leaking before I had even opened them.  My heart had been filling up for the last five days and I hadn’t been able to process its contents.  I had been an empty bucket, catching sadness and reaction and tears and despair.  Filling up, drip by drip by dam burst! And today I overflowed.  My heart was full and my sadness flowed down my cheeks and onto my pillow and made a little room in my heart and mind for processing.  So this morning I will not stop the tears.  They are silent and I am able to function in their company.  I welcome them.  They will accompany me and cleanse me.  Later, I will head to the sea to sit and write about feeling all the feels ….



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