Friends, Doing What Friends Do!

I have never known someone as lucky as I am, when it comes to having friends who love and support me.  I can honestly say that I have a dozen girlfriends that will drop everything if I need help and believe me I have and they have!  Some were there during the hard times of Adrian’s illness and death.  Some were there before that.  Some have come on board during my battles with anxiety and depression.  Each of them gives me something unique that I couldn’t do without.  They never ask for anything in return but are grateful to be rewarded with my happy smile and asthmatic laugh!

I am Greatful for you nice English Friendship Day Messages - JUL 23 -

I’m sure they don’t realise how important they are to me … or maybe they do!  But they can’t possibly be aware of how much peace of mind they bring to my Mum and family who live in New Zealand and  can’t always drop everything and be here for me.  My Mum continually tells me that I have to thank my friends from her … every time I see them!  Sometimes I forget.  So Girls, from my Mum ….


This week, I have been able to catch up with a few of my friends, each for different reasons.  In some cases, I have been able to be a help or support to them and to be able to give back feels good.  Whether it be a listening ear, a meal, a chat, a text or a hug – mirroring the care shown to me over the past years is easy when I stop and remember times gone by.  Tomorrow, I will be lucky enough to catch up with more.  I am truly blessed.

Today, however, I was kidnapped by another couple of my friends and I couldn’t have been happier!  These two have been periodically taking me out on random Fridays, for well over a year now.  It began because my anxiety was causing me to stay at home … all the time!  As my health has improved, they do it just because.  We laugh so much when we are out that I always end up sucking on my asthma puffer but I don’t care – we have so much fun.

2016-02-12 11.51.31-1
Brisbane city from the Camp Mountain Lookout

Today, we went to the beautiful D’Aguilar National Park and stopped at the Camp Mountain Lookout where we met a goanna that took one look at us and promptly ran up a tree!  We travelled on a bit further to the Mt Glorious picnic area, where we had our picnic lunch.  We saw Bunya Pines and heard Bell Birds and Whip Birds.  A Kookaburra even flew in to say hello!  It was indeed glorious!

Goanna up a tree!
Goanna up a tree!
Bunya Pine at Mt Glorious
Bunya Pine at Mt Glorious

We discussed the merits of doing 25km bush walks and husbands that might need to be traded in for one reason or another!  Mostly, it was me, the single one, pushing the trading in ideas.  We solved some of the problems of the world and talked about when our kids were younger and we were their taxi drivers.  We talked about podcasts and European holidays – well I didn’t  talk about European holidays, I listened because I have never been on one but one day …  We talked about work and food and sewing – again, which I can’t do, so I was mostly listening.  And we talked about all the middle aged blokes with their Harley Davidson’s and their midlife crises parked at the Mt Glorious Cafe.

Mt Glorious Cafe
Mt Glorious Cafe

But mostly, we just  laughed and enjoyed each other’s company.

Friends, doing what friends do!




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