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Not every week is filled with inspirational quotes or unicorns or Autumn leaves.  Neither are they filled with soul destroying lows or anxiety ridden achievements or must learn lessons.  Some are filled with everyday things and everyday people and everyday activities.  This past week, was just one of those everyday weeks.  Don’t get me wrong, I had plenty going on but nothing earth shattering …. or so I thought!

The week began with me tackling my finances.  With a friend helping, I filled in one of those online budget helpers, entering all my earnings and all my expenses.  It was eye opening to say the least.  It was helpful to me in two areas – firstly, it told me that I am not over spending and that there is very little room for trimming.  And secondly, it showed me exactly what is necessary in terms of wages when job seeking.  I actually feel better knowing my position.  Stupid head in the sand, Mandy!!

The next thing that happened was my six weekly check up with my psychiatrist.  As she was delayed due to another patient crisis, I was able to wander around a shopping centre I usually wouldn’t.  It was delightful to be able to spend some time listening to some beautiful music played by a couple buskers on harp and violin. Of course, there was the yummy gelato I ate while waiting.  The session itself was encouraging and still no need for a return to meds!

2016-02-22 14.36.39-1

Hump day brought more good stuff.  A few hours of work at the ballet school. A very popular (for me) Wednesday’s Words  and the return to blogging by the honest, gorgeous and very funny Eden Riley at Edenland.  Eden is, life and beauty and death and darkness. Her writing inspires me like no other but enter at your own risk because she writes mental illness like no one else, from right inside the despair and she does love an f-bomb or 50!!

Yesterday was a biggy when it came to everyday things.  My second last visit with my Dr R before maternity leave …. her not me!!  I may have shed a tear but I am really happy for her.  Another great session, looking back on all the progress I have made and mapping a pathway to continue when Dr A takes over in a couple of weeks.  Then another visit to my dentist as my teeth are truly crumbling away.  I had chipped my front tooth during the night … while sleeping!  Truth, I swear!  I have the best dentist in the world.  He is kind and gentle and interested in me and my kids.  We always have a lovely chat and laugh … usually right before I pay the deposit on his next overseas holiday!  But I don’t begrudge him.  How would you like looking into somebody’s mouth all day?

Dentist fade


While I was away getting my teeth and brain fixed up, all the while, three wonderful blokes were doing some repairs to the front of my Unit.  I was home for the first couple of hours that they worked and I was taken as to how cheerful and fun they were with each other.  They teased and had great banter with each other but never once did I hear a swear word or rude turn of phrase or putdown of anyone.  They were a credit to themselves and this morning I sent an email to their boss to tell him.  He replied thanking me for letting him know, within the hour.  Hope they get the message and feel good about themselves!

Today, I had to write but first I dropped off some cardboard boxes to the Wildlife Department of the RSPCA near my home.  A call had gone out that they were in need of boxes for injured kangaroos and wallabies and I had a stack of 20, just looking for a purpose in life.  I had never been to visit my local RSPCA before …. it is AMAZING!!!  I will be back for another visit.  From there, as I was driving past,  I wandered up to the Centenary Memorial Gardens Cemetery to visit Adrian’s grave.  It is such a beautiful place, even though the kangaroos were out of the hot sun and sleeping under faraway trees in the shade.  I am so glad I have this beautiful place to visit.

The perfect baby Bottle tree.
The perfect baby Bottle tree.
Eucalypts on blue sky.
Eucalypts on blue sky.
2016-02-26 10.47.38
Beautifully kept cemetery grounds.
2016-02-26 10.49.12
Neatly kept and a pleasure to visit.


So you see, what began as an everyday week, ended up as an extraordinary week because of the wonderful places and most especially the uplifting people that cross my path on a daily basis.

In the ordinary I chose to see extraordinary!

How about you?

What does your ordinary week give to you?







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  1. Love your positive attitude Mandy. And it was really nice of you to contact the company and give feedback on the good customer service you got. Makes a difference to reach out and acknowledge others. Have a great weekend.

  2. Sounds like a week with lot’s of ‘wins’, much to feel good about. That was a lovely thing you did for the work guys, many people wouldn’t have even noticed never mind praised them. Have a great weekend Mandy 🙂

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