How Good is Self Care?

During the past week, I have been taking the time to be a little kinder to myself.  Instead of the critical self evaluations that usually float around in my head, I have tried to concentrate on the positive thoughts first.  That doesn’t mean there have been no critical self evaluations – on the contrary – there have been plenty but I have attempted to push them to the back of my mind.  This has allowed room for the kinder positive thoughts to embed themselves first, which means there has been a ‘soft bed to land on’ for the negative.  Clever, don’t you think?  It works ….. try it for yourself and see!


As well as mind control, I have been doing more things for myself.  Treats for myself are always fraught with danger for me.  You see they usually involve copious amounts of sugar or fat or salt!  This time I concentrated on the necessities of life ….. that I also find pleasurable.  So a visit to the hairdresser, saw my hair cut and coloured, and my brows tidied up.  QUESTION: Why can’t we give ourselves a scalp massage like our hairdresser?

Next stop was the Nail Salon for a pedicure.  My Winter heels definitely benefitted from the razor blade scrape and the hot weather had given me a good dose of ‘cankles’, so the foot massage was gratefully received.  I chose a pretty colour and sat back to enjoy my favourite thing about having a pedicure …. the massage chair!  This chair appeared to be quite new, as it’s massage game was strong and I could hardly contain my oohs and ahhs.  The nail technician was so amused by my total surrender to the moment that she reset the chair and gave me a second go, while I was waiting for my toes to dry!  Total bliss!


Later in the week, while sitting admiring my toes, I  was inspired to go and try on some sandals that I had been coveting for more than a year.  Salt Water sandals are an American icon but are still reasonably unheard of in Australia.  These comfortable sandals are made for the beach, where you can wear them in the water, or just about anywhere else for that matter.  They come in such pretty colours , as well as neutrals.  I had found a local stockist and this pleased me because although I could have bought them online, I was happier to be able to try them on for sizing purposes.  I went to buy a black pair but don’t you think the rose gold are so much prettier?


The other thing I have been doing is buying myself a bunch of flowers every fortnight after my Psychiatrist appointment.  I pass by a Florist shop when I walk to my car and each Tuesday they have special market rates and so for $12, I can brighten my heart and my home.  Each bunch has lasted the full 2 weeks between my  appointments, so I think this is $12 very well spent!


And so I come to the end of the week, knowing that I have put my wellbeing first and feeling a whole lot better for it.  A friend and I are off to the movies and lunch soon.  I also have a full weekend of activities.  Oh yes, did I mention that I spoiled myself with tickets to see Adele in concert next year?

We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia but if we did – I would be thankful for

  • 100mg of Zoloft that seems to be calming and healing my busy mind.
  • my health professionals for helping me to believe that the real me is in there somewhere.
  • my wonderful friends who continue to make an effort for me, each and everyday.
  • my family who continue to love me anyway.

Try it.  Spend a little time putting yourself first.  So often when you do, the rest of your life and family fall into place, without the stress and worry.  Fill yourselves up with good stuff before the Christmas rush.

What are your favourite ME time activities?  As we are all different ages and stages, they will be totally different.  It might be curling up with a book or your favourite TV show.  Why don’t you share?  It’s great to find new things to try, from the ideas of others.


Hi, I'm Mandy! Wandering my way through life using words. Family and friends. Connection and community. I care. I write. I share. I post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and if you'd like receive updates via email please click HERE.

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