Hysterical Laughter Happening Right Here!

It’s been quite a week for me.

Stuff just keeps on happening.

Good stuff!  Bad stuff!  Crazy stuff!  OMG stuff!

Tomorrow I am flying from Brisbane to Sydney, leaving home at 8am … it is now almost 9pm and I’ve just begun packing. The airline have just contacted me to say that due to storms in Sydney, there may be flight delays tomorrow.  So please check to see what’s happening in the morning.  Great – didn’t expect anything different.

I am catching up with my New Zealand family and we are all attending the wedding of a dear friend who lives in Sydney.  My 87 year old Mum was flying in with my sister and brother and their spouses … well, that was until her heart started misbehaving and she had to spend 3 nights in hospital this week, to get it sorted out.  She’s home now and feeling fine but of course the doctors said NO FLYING!  It’s disappointing because it would have been her first visit to Sydney in more than 60 years!  I’m sure she would have noticed the difference!!

You will see I am not assigning GOOD BAD CRAZY or OMG status to any one incident – rather I’ll leave that game up to you the reader!

A week ago, a wonderful, anonymous, caring friend left a very generous gift in my letterbox.  Finances are very tight at the moment and someone just made sure we can have a Christmas celebration!  God continues to bless me.

Next my phone is reasonably old and has only this week decided to  have a mind of its own and turn off quite randomly.  When taking photos the battery is running out in about 5 minutes!  It’s going to be great at the wedding.  Also, making contact with the NZ family so we can all get on the same train.

Last Saturday I went to see my god daughter’s ballet concert.  Her Nanny and myself were coming home in the bus at about 8.45pm.  I was the last person left on the bus, as my friend had earlier got off at her stop and I’m sure was sipping on a nice red.  Anyway, the driver stopped at my stop and I said thank you, then went to step off the back step, when I realised there was a rather large grate covering a drain, right where my foot was going to land.  So, I adjusted my step and proceeded to go “arse over turkey” – landing heavily on the concrete.

The poor driver jumped out to help but there was nothing broken and no blood.  Just a very sore and sorry Mandy, who slowly walked the 5 minute walk up the hill to my unit.  It took me at least 20 minutes but at least there was only minor damage.   After having a shower, eating and drinking whatever I could find, I  took some tablets for pain and went to bed!

I awoke at 4am gasping with pain and pretty much unable to move or breathe for that matter.  My ribs had undoubtably taken a battering and were bruised as was my belly.  This has continued with little change since  mid last week – in fact it may be a little worse this late in the week.  So pain meds are my best friend and coughing from my asthma – is not!  Of course, this means I can’t lift the rubbish to put it in the communal bins before I leave, hanging washing was not fun either!

Let’s recap …

Possible storm action in Sydney therefore delayed or even cancelled flights!

My Mum’s trip to the hospital and subsequence inability to fly and attend the wedding.

The amazing but secret gift given to me via my mailbox!

The bruised ego, hand, belly and ribs!

A very unreliable mobile phone with which to travel by plane and reconnect with my family.

Now the piece de resistance ….


I have just chipped this piece off my front tooth


Can’t wait for the photos at the wedding!

Okay Sydney, here we come!

Just call me Cletus!



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