I’m Not Feeling It – Yet!


There – I’ve written it down so I will surely, start feeling it now!  Soon!  Please?!

Christmas is my thing.  I love Christmas – everything about it.  The decorating, the shopping, the present wrapping, the music, the food …. Everything!


I am an organised Christmas person.  I write lists and menus and this year I even have a great new app on my phone called Manage Christmas that helps you to keep track of your gift buying and keeps you to your budget.  I ordered my real tree early, to make sure I received the discount.  My Christmas cooking has been in full swing, with some homemade gifts ready to give.


My house smells right with cinnamon from my cooking and candles with names such as The Night Before Christmas and Berry Christmas, burning each evening.  I have my Christmas playlists on the go from Spotify.

The decoration boxes have been sitting in my lounge room for a few days now but only some of them are unpacked – most look like this!


I am just NOT feeling it this year.  I not feeling sad really, although I do have my moments.  It’s just that I realised, when I got out of bed this morning and looked around at all the mess, THAT, Christmas just isn’t as much fun when you are doing it alone.  I mean, what’s the point of decorating when you know that no one is going to arrive home from work at the end of the day and say “Wow, the house looks great!”?


There – I’ve typed it again.  Surely that will make a difference?  Come Lord Jesus Come!



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  1. I know how you feel. This year just seems too hot / too early/ can’t just put my finger on it. I hoped the carols in the park would have started it for me and in some ways it did but something us missing and i don’t know what it is.

  2. I was hoping you would pop in this morning and encourage me but you didn’t …. but I didn’t ask you to, either!

  3. You can always say that the decorating is low key at the moment because it’s Advent….then get the decs out in a hurry once it’s Christmas! Lol 😉

    That app sounds great!

    1. Very true Catherine. I’m getting a real tree delivered next weekend, so I will have to do something with that when it comes!

  4. I can relate Mandy. I haven’t even got my tree up yet. One of my closest friends has her home dazzled out to the nines and I can’t seem to get into it. But for the sake of my teenage kids (who also aren’t that fussed) I’ll do it. A bit sad really but that’s how it is, at least for now.

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