It’s A Well Worn Path I Travel.

How are you getting on this week?  

This was part of a text I received from BossBoy this morning.  Immediately, I thought – How lucky am I to have sons that know enough and care enough to even ask that question?

Truth be told I’m still struggling.  I replied that I felt as if I was treading water.  He replied that at least I wasn’t under the water at the deep end like I had been last week!  And you know what?  He is right!  I am better than last week but I am still not good.

The feeling of just keeping my head above water is extremely tiring.  And to be honest, sometimes I do think about letting the water engulf me and having everything stop.  The relief of never having to make another decision; of feeling the necessity to apologise for my existence; feeling a burden to all and sundry and the worry of which bill to pay first.  It’s constant and it bares down on me – heavily!

It only takes a text from one of my boys or a read of the lovely Memories some of you wrote about Adrian in my last post to lift my mood enough to attempt to do the next right thing.



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