Jenny From The Farm – Follow Up

I knew when I sat down to write this piece, that I would need to find a suitable music clip to match the strength of my friend and I couldn’t go past the classic I Am Woman by Helen Reddy!

It had been 9 weeks since I had seen Jenny from the farm and at that time she had been Jenny in the hospital.  So when the opportunity arose for me to travel up to the farm for a week, I jumped at it.

If you didn’t read my first blog post about Jenny and her run in with a steer – STOP – immediately and catch up by clicking on the link for her story here!  Also, here’s a photo that I wasn’t allowed to post last time but I’m not even asking this time because I know she isn’t going to die and if she’s mad at me ….. #sorrynotsorry!!! p.s. It was a bit bigger than I expected (the pic that is, not the bruise or the body!!!) but I’m not the best at editing photos so it is what it is and I did hint at it, Jen!

Apparently this didn't even hurt!!!
Apparently this didn’t even hurt!!!

What I found on my arrival was amazing but not altogether surprising.  Jenny’s miraculous recovery had continued since she left the Brisbane hospital and she claimed to be about 95% well.  She had just returned from staying a night or two at the home of a friend, where she had been helping to paint the interior of a house being renovated.  Although her stamina is still improving, she is pretty much back on deck.  Of course, she still feels some discomfort at times.  She also, sometimes feels some pain when she takes a deep breath and heavy lifting is still off limits.  None of these things have caused her to stop doing things she likes or wants to do.

So these are some of the things that I witnessed over the week I stayed …..

Mowing the lawn!



Helping a cow to calve.


Helping with the milking!


Flower arranging!


Helping to give Arlo the dog a clipping!


Picking bush lemons for me to carry to the house!


And of course, drinking red wine and eating cheese!


Okay!  So the last one may have been me but here is a list of the other things Wonder Woman did, that I didn’t take photos of …. started back doing her early morning walk with a friend, played the organ for church, baked cakes and biscuits, took the grandchildren to the movies, took myself and some friends out to another local town for morning tea, she has been back on the tractor, I watched her help to roll a sick cow, she spent time drawing and card making and  babysat the grandies.  This is by no means a complete list but it certainly gives you an idea of the strength of this woman!

Only 10 weeks earlier, Jenny was airlifted by the LifeFlight helicopter to Brisbane with 6 broken ribs – some in more than one place; a fractured sternum; lacerated and collapsed lungs and plenty of other bumps and bruises.  She truly is a Wonder Woman!

Jenny and her family are so grateful to the LifeFlight team, that to show their appreciation, they are getting together a fund raiser for the non profit organisation.  They will be putting the offending beast on the barbecue and running a night of music, an auction and a bush dance.  All the money raised will go towards the LifeFlight Organisation.  The event link is here – The BBQ & The Beast – LifeFlight Fundraiser.  If you wish to attend or support this fundraiser in any way, please follow the link or donate directly by clicking on any of the words LifeFlight in this post and following the instructions after clicking on the Donate button.

So here ends my update on Jenny from the farm aka Wonder Woman.

Don’t forget to donate if you can, because you never know when you or one of your loved ones may need the use of the aptly named LifeFlight helicopter.

P.S: Can I just state here that the only place Crocs should be worn is on the farm!!!




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