Just Start ….

It’s Monday morning and I have no blog post ready to go.  I have nothing in my draft file that I want to share and I have a commitment to myself that I will post every Monday, Wednesday & Friday.  Sometimes I annoy myself with my inability to make a plan (easy) and stick to it (hard)!

When I sat down at my laptop this morning, I told myself I was going to post something anyway and if it was pathetic ….. well it was my own fault.   Something would have to be good enough today!

Just start!

After a weekend of feeling decidedly low because of the cold weather; because of too many new health professionals giving new advice; because of wanting to be back in Berlin to watch BerlinBoy’s football team; because of watching my football team via the television fall apart again, because of ……

I got up this morning and just started.  I had preprogrammed my washing machine so that I could hang my washing out as soon as I got up.  Just because it was a wet morning didn’t stop me – because it was already washed, it went into the dryer instead!

Rather than moan about my new exercise regime and I don’t use regime lightly – I just started to do some of the work.  I put on my exercise/dance around my house playlist and started.  It’s amazing how it doesn’t seem so cold when you actually move!

And now, while I am eating my breakfast, I have written a blog post!  Probably not the most world changing post I have ever written but it still has a good message …..


You never know where you will end up!

Happy Monday!


And just because it makes me happy and just incase you didn’t know about Tom Hiddleston before Miss Swift appeared on the scene, here is a clip  of his skills from 2013. (Language warning near the end!)



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