Lost Post!

I’m feeling so frustrated and disappointed. After weeks and weeks of writer’s block, I sat down this morning and wrote a post on the opening night of my son, Jonathan’s Illustration Exhibition and the amazing friends he has and how they make me feel so welcome. After saving my writing as I wrote, when finished and ready to press publish – the entire post disappeared! It’s not in Drafts, Trash or anywhere on my computer!! It was a good post but there is no way I can remember how it went!!! I am so mad!!! 😡

I am now baking Brownie slice in the hope eating it will magic my post back.😖


Hi, I'm Mandy! Wandering my way through life using words. Family and friends. Connection and community. I care. I write. I share. I post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and if you'd like receive updates via email please click HERE.

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