Mandy’s Handy Household Hints: #1

You all know that I live with a very special lady, who at times can be very naughty!  Her name is Fev and I love her to bits.  You can read about her HERE and HERE and HERE!

My all time favourite pic of Fev!

For the last 7 years, I have been trying to discover an easy way to get rid of my Fev’s fur off my bedsheets!  I have tried everything and they all sort of work a bit but nothing really works perfectly.

Now I know that some of you will be saying to not let her sleep on my bed but Fev is my best furbaby friend and if I really had to choose between her and my sons …. well, let’s just say, the Boys know who I would choose!  She is such good company and an extremely social cat, that is not only beautiful but very fluffy.  Her fur gets everywhere and on everything but the biggest problem is on my bed sheets and blankets.

To remove pet hair takes consistency.  Whatever method you use, it has to happen each and everyday ….  And unfortunately that is where I suck!  I am terribly ill-disciplined when it comes to housework …. and exercise …. and healthy eating …. and filing papers …. and phoning friends ….   Well, maybe I should just say I’m terribly ill-disciplined at life!  I am not constant and then everything gets out of hand and I don’t know where to begin.  I digress – back to cat fur!

Fev loves nothing more than to curl up in my washing baskets and she doesn’t care  if it’s clean washing


or dirty washing!


She sleeps in a different spot on my bed each night


and sometimes during the day when I am not at home!

She has also made a nest in my linen cupboard and yes, she can open the door!

Fev's nest in my linen cupboard.
Fev’s nest in my linen cupboard.

I have tried brushing – both the cat and the furry surface – with a brush, a lint roller, a special glove, a rubber glove, a damp cloth, my damp hand, my hand wrapped in sticky tape with the sticky side facing out!  I’ve tried washing in cold water, warm water, cold water with vinegar added, warm water with vinegar added!  I’ve tried shaking before washing and shaking after washing!  I’ve tried drying the sheets on the line and drying the sheets in the dryer.

Each of these methods was suggested to me by some well meaning person or Google!  Each of these methods removes some of the fur but never enough to make me think …. SUCCESS!!!!!  And then I thought to myself …. I wonder what would happen if I put the dirty sheets, dry, in the drier BEFORE I wash them?  So I did!


And this is what came out 5 minutes later!

Dryer filter - after!
Dryer filter – after!

So after 7 years I have discovered a solution to my problem.  Dry the sheets in the dryer, then wash the sheets, then hang them out to dry!

Winning #handyhintblogger



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