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When I moved to Australia, a little over 37 years ago, one of the biggest differences I noticed, especially as I was living in country Queensland, was the way Australian’s talk about the weather …. ALL. THE. TIME!!!  I thought it was one of the  strangest things I had ever heard.  I decided I was never going to  become one of those people!  So allow me introduce you to ….

Mandy Weber….

who now has 3 weather apps on her phone, is subscribed to 2 online  weather channels and is registered with the Storm Warning Early Alert for both text and email!  So how does that even happen?  And now I am going to write about it!

Many of you will know that most of eastern Australia is in the middle of a heatwave at moment.  Much of NSW and South Australia have been consistently in the low to mid 40’s,  I feel like I want to say, for the last month but truly I have lost count of the days.  While Queensland have not yet hit 40ºC, although BOM predicts 42ºC today, the fact that Queensland has the added blessing of humidity, means that our temperatures feel about 5 or more degrees  hotter than they actually read. Edit – Temperature update.

So what, if any, is the impact on my life, you may be wondering?  There is a condition, Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD, as it is more commonly known, that affects people in the Northern Hemisphere.  It seems to be linked to the changes in the seasons and the amount of sunlight you are exposed too. Depression, sleep disruption, irritability, weight gain and many other symptoms take over your life.  I had been talking to my son  in Berlin about SAD and how he felt the long European Winter’s could easily turn into this, when reading up I found that it could, less frequently, happen in reverse!

Spring and Summer SAD

Symptoms specific to summer-onset seasonal affective disorder, sometimes called summer depression, may include:

  • Depression
  • Trouble sleeping (insomnia)
  • Weight loss
  • Poor appetite
  • Agitation or anxiety

Well, I believe I suffer from Summer SAD!!  I have all the above symptoms except for the weight loss – I still manage to put on weight even when suffering from a poor appetite.  Once the temperature gets too hot for too long, I just want to curl up and die!

So that’s the mental heat issue sorted!!  But the physical issues are horrendous.  Keep reading if you are game – it’s not for the faint of heart!!

I sweat … buckets.  From my head to my toes – which means I often have water trickling down my legs, which has at one time been mistaken for me peeing my pants by a child.  It also means I leave wet patches on any seat I might be sitting on – again, easily mistaken for peeing my pants!

I suffer from Chub Rub that’s when the sweat between your legs meets your nonexistent thigh gap and causes this …

Thankfully, this can be helped by the amazing 3B Cream and wonderful underwear from Bella Bodies, Sonsee and other great brands.  But it means if you decide to wear a dress (because this is when it is necessary) you smell like aluminium chlorohydrate and feel like a trussed up chicken, which is just wonderful on a stinking hot day!

I sweat sooooooo much on my head/hair that I look as if I have been swimming.  Great if you are trying to fool everyone that you are training for the Masters Games or the like but not great if you’ve just spent $100+ on a cut and colour for a night out!  And while we are there, how the hell do you keep make up on a face that resembles a Formula One racing track in the rain?  The foundation is side swiping the mascara and the blush has totally taken out the powder, the lipstick has changed colour with the sliding eyeshadow.  It’s a total wreck and there is no Safety Car available.  Don’t tell me to use Primer because I already do and that just adds to the slime in this heat!  I think that concludes sweating.

I swell … well my feet, ankles and legs do.  You’ve heard of cankles, right?  Well this is cankles, ceet and kegs!!!  The problem is that this one is not so funny really.  The fluid retention can be painful and difficult to get relief from.  I know the major problem is coming from my weight and too much sitting and not enough moving and poor diet.  But when it’s really hot all you want to do is sit around and eat salty things and sit around.

So what to do on these hot and humid days and nights?  Well, of course I have an air conditioner but I don’t always have the  money to pay the huge electricity bill using it engenders.  So I have very strict guidelines for my use of it.  It has to be 30ºC or higher by 9am before I switch it on and as soon as the temperature drops below 26ºC, off it goes.  I have yet to have it on overnight but rather try to sleep with all the windows and doors open and a fan directed at my bed.  I sleep with minimal clothes (perk of living alone!!) and no top covers but my main problem stems from my bedmate.  Fev is going through  stage of wanting to have actual physical contact with some part of my body at all times during the night!  It doesn’t matter how often I shove her off or to the side, the next time I wake, she is snuggled up to me with a paw on my arm or her tail across my leg and sometimes she is actually asleep on top of me!

Just wanted to let you know it’s hot here in Brisbane and I’m over it. I don’t care if it is Winter where you live and you are jealous of our heat, I don’t care if you live somewhere that hasn’t really had a Summer this year and you are jealous of our heat, I don’t care if you live in Brisbane and love every minute of the heat (You know who you are!).  I and my body and my mind are over it!  It needs to stop now.  But if it doesn’t stop immediately – at least we’ve got …

#CATH from Mrs Woog @ Woogsworld.


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    1. It’s a great theory Louise but I would miss my family too much … and by family I don’t just mean my boys but those that support and care for me and love me on a daily basis. I just hang on to the thought that Autumn is just around the corner. 🍁 🍂

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