Music From My Heart – 00000 Million by Bon Iver

The brand new album by Bon Iver …. 22, A Million will definitely not be everybody’s cup of tea but I have totally fallen in love with it.  It is not my usual fare but it seems to be perfectly  in-sync with my rather jumbled my state of mind of late!  I had heard a few of their early songs e.g. Skinny Love & I Can’t Make You Love Me and I knew they had received Grammy’s for best New Artist and  Best Alternative Music Album in 2012 but other than that I knew nothing.

Bon Iver’s  previous music was categorised as Indie Folk but this new album seems to be a real change of direction for them, with lots of electronic sounds and samples from other songs.  The lyrics, at times, seem strange and  disjointed to me but then a line will leap from the song and completely wrap around me – with my heart completely at one with the lyricist.  The vocals of Justin Vernon take me to another world, in much the same way Pink Floyd did when they released Dark Side of the Moon in 1973.  I know there will be many who are shocked that I make this comparison but I will not back down from my heart taking me where it takes me.  Both of these albums need multiple listens for full appreciation and 22, A Million has grown on me each time I listen.  I feel it will be a favourite for life – for me!  It is difficult to find good quality videos for the album on YouTube and listening on Spotify is probably your best bet.

There were a few tracks I could have shared – the very first track 22 (OVER S∞∞N) is one I like; as is 33″GOD”.  However, the track I have chosen to share is the final track on the album 00000 Million.  I adore the vocals, the piano but this lyric has some truly captivating lines about acceptance especially self acceptance.  My favourite lines have to be …..

Where the days have no numbers                                                                                                    If it’s harmed me, it’s harmed me, it’ll harm, I let it in

Here is 00000 Million by  Bon Iver.


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