Music From My Heart – Black and White by Chloe Charles.

Two weeks ago I shared a music clip from my teenage years which had stood the test of time.  This week, I want to share with you brand new 2016 music, by way of a clip from a young woman, whose stunning voice moves me every time I listen to her.

I first discovered, Chloe Charles, when BerlinBoy sent me a clip of her performing  – funnily enough, a Carole King cover, So Far Away, at Jazzahead!  It was the 2013 Overseas Night in Bremen Germany.  At that stage, Chloe was BerlinBoy’s housemate and friend and I had no idea that she was a singer.  This performance she dedicated to her father, who had passed several months earlier.  I was blown away!  Since this time, I have continued to enjoy Chloe’s music and performances online.  I have fallen in love with her mesmerising vocals and original sound.

Today, I am sharing music from her new album, With Blindfolds On.  The track is called Black & White and is Chloe’s story of growing up with an absentee father.  It is a haunting track that caused me to pause and consider the important role we have as parents in the lives of our children.  No matter how old they are.  Or how old we are – for that matter!  Read more about Chloe’s interesting family background here.

Introducing Canadian singer songwriter – Chloe Charles!  Enjoy!


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