Music From My Heart – Love My Life by Robbie Williams.

New music this morning from another of my crushes – Robbie Williams.  I’ve seen Robbie live in concert twice.  He is one of the best live entertainers you could ever wish to see.  He never disappoints.   I just love his voice and his music tells the story of his life, which has been eventful to say the least.  He is cheeky and irreverent and one of the best talk show guests on the circuit.  His story about being at his daughters birth, is one of the funniest thing I’ve ever seen on TV –

The music clip I have chosen is from his latest album, Heavy Entertainment Show and is called Love My Life.  Robbie says that the song is written for his children and the safe environment , he and his wife are providing for them to grow up in.  This is completely different from how he grew up and the fact that he has been in rehab many times for drug and alcohol addiction and has been a pop star since he was 16 years old, had a huge impact on the person he is today.  I love the positive feel to this song and it also has an anthem quality, which I think will become a crowd favourite sing a long song at Robbie’s live shows.  Please enjoy –

Love My Life by Robbie Williams


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  1. What a fantastic song. Love it, it has such a powerful and positive feel and he just looks fabulous doesn’t he. Happy and content (and a spunk to boot!)

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