Music From My Heart – Postcard From 1952 by Explosions In The Sky.

I have been listening to instrumental music lately.  I find that if I have music with lyrics playing while I attempt to write, I seem to get lost in the song instead of my own creativity.  I stumbled upon this piece from a Spotify playlist published by someone else and I immediately loved the feel of it.  I had never heard of the band, Explosions In The Sky,  and still don’t know much about them.  The recording is four years old.  After playing it multiple times on Spotify, I looked to find it on You Tube and was delighted to find the clip below.  Although I was born in 1959, not 1952, the clip portrayed my childhood.  Whether it was the cowlick in the child’s hair, the spinning top, the sprinkler play or the kaleidoscope I can’t tell you but so much was my childhood and it blended perfectly with this beautiful music.  Enjoy!

Postcard From 1952 by Explosions In The Sky!

p.s.  I think it was the Daniel Boone hat that my brother used to wear!


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