Music From My Heart – Tapestry by Carole King

I’ve found the last few weeks confronting, especially on the music scene.  Death seems to be all around me.  Looking further back over the last years, I feel like I have lost some of my best “music” friends.  This has caused me to  listen to some of my most loved albums and artists from the past and marvel at how quickly they transport me to a time and place of happiness or heart break.

Tapestry by Carole King is one of my favourite – ever – albums!  It has so many really great songs on it.  I could have chosen any of its tracks to share from my heart.   But I have chosen the title track Tapestry, with its obscure lyrics and meaning because

  • it moved me in 1971 when I first heard it as a 12 year old
  • it moved me when I rediscovered it in 1981 as a newlywed, married to a piano player
  • it moved me in 1991 when life was hard and had not gone the way I expected it to
  • it moved me in 2001 when I realised that I then, understood some of those obscure lyrics and was well on my way to creating my own life Tapestry
  • it moved me in 2009 when I found my own Tapestry unravelling after the death of my husband
  • and it moves me today, in 2016, as I try to focus on the stitching together of the colours, events, music, art and people that help create my life Tapestry – the good with the bad!

So I give you, Carole King’s Tapestry – a lyric version because there were no video clips made in 1971 – as my Music From My Heart offering and of course I encourage you to listen to the whole album – you won’t be disappointed.



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