Music From My Heart – The Eagles – Hotel California.

Do you have certain songs that take you immediately, to a time and a place of your younger days?  I do …. quite a few, actually!  Often they return me to live concerts I attended or a particular beach holiday or a certain group of friends.

I have a very wide and varied taste in music.   My love for it began as a child of the ’60’s, where we did not own a television until my teenage years and my mother always had the radio going with the hits of the day.  As a ’70’s teenager, I often fell asleep at night with my transistor radio playing under my pillow!  It was before the time of ear buds!  Living through the disco era was a blast – both the fashion and the dancing we did in unison in the clubs.  The music of my teen years was so diverse, with the piano men like Billy Joel and Elton John, the disco of the Bee Gees and Sister Sledge, the classic rock of Santana and Chicago, the hard rock of Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple and the glam rock of David Bowie and Marc Bolan & T Rex!  But it was the wailing guitar solos of each era, that can send me straight back to a time and place with their first chord or riff!

I’ve posted before, my love of this kind of music with Dire Straits, so today I’m going to share another much loved song with an amazing guitar solo.  The Eagles released Hotel California in 1977.  Don Henley’s vocals are immediately recognisable but it is Joe Walsh’s solo and then the interplay between Walsh and Don Felder at the end that is embedded in my heart forever.  In many recordings the guitar work is faded out, so I have chosen to share a live performance by The Eagles.

The Eagles will always say Summer, beaches, fun and friends to me!  Enjoy!


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  1. I can absolutely relate. I grew up with all that music and all those bands as well, loved them all. And the Eagles were awesome. I still, to this day, love playing Hotel California on my guitar. 🙂

    1. Miriam, just another thing we have in common!! I to play guitar but haven’t picked mine up in awhile. We really should meet one day!

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