Music From My Heart – Vivaldi “The Four Seasons” – Autumn!

There was really no choice when choosing  the music from my heart this week.  As you have probably noticed from my logo and the colours of my blog, I am an Autumn kind of girl!  I love the colours, the cooler weather, the clothes, the leaves and the did I mention the colours.  The amusing thing is, that in Brisbane, Australia, we don’t really have much Autumn at all.  The weather remains quite warm so we don’t really need the warm clothes and we don’t really have the changing leaves!  But I have never let that stop me from having a house and a closet full of Autumnal colours.

Adrian, my husband, was a music teacher and this gorgeous piece could often be heard throughout our home.  So to welcome Autumn into the Southern hemisphere, here is …

Vivaldi “The Four Seasons” – Autumn –  All three movements, played by John Harrison with the Wichita State University Chamber Players.  Beautifully accompanied by a stunning slide show of Autumn and all her glory.


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