Music From My Heart – You Are Mine by David Hass.

Sometimes in my day I find myself looking for uplifting and prayerful music.  This has been happening quite  frequently over the last few weeks, as my doctors and I fiddle around with my medication – trying to settle on the correct dose for me.  One of the symptoms I get with my depression in an extremely ‘busy’ mind.  My brain does not stop and this makes me weary – mentally!  When my mood is low, my motivation is low …. but somehow my mind just keeps on racing through the day and most of the night.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I was listening mostly to instrumental music because music with lyrics interrupted my writing.  This is still the case but unfortunately as I shied away from songs – I was spending more and more time alone with my thoughts.  Over-thinking and going around in circles with my thoughts was not helpful and so my doctor and I decided that I could only listen to instrumental music when I was writing and any other time needed to have words.

With this in mind, I went in search of soothing, calming, encouraging songs and while I was looking, I remembered this one by David Hass.  I first heard it sung by an all male, college choir, which I am very partial too!  My Boys went to an all boys school and one of the things that I miss the most, is the singing by the boys.  Anyway, it wasn’t their school, but another and it sounded beautiful and rich and soothing and I wept like a baby!  I decided that this was a perfect song to listen to this week, in attempt to calm my thoughts.  You Are Mine, is a Christian song that talks about the love and protection of God.  It is definitely a prayer.

I haven’t spoken much about  my faith here on my blog.  But I haven’t NOT talked about it either.  This hasn’t been on purpose but I’ve chosen to include any mentions as naturally as possible.  I don’t intend to change this but I will state here that – Yes, I have a strong relationship with God but over the years my relationship with the institution of the church has taken a battering!  It has been almost 25 years since I have been an actual functioning member of a church, but of late I have noticed a yearning for community and have been taking tentative steps back in the direction of my Christian roots,  That is all I intend to write about this here, except to say – enjoy this beautiful hymn.

You Are Mine by David Hass.


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