Music From My Heart.

I have always known that music is a huge part of who I am.  Some of my very first childhood memories are of sitting in my highchair, in our kitchen, with the radio pumping out the sweet songs of the sixties and Mum singing along.  It seems from that moment on, music accompanied me down the pathways of my life.

It is my intention to share music that moves me – with you!  Some might be from the 1960’s and some might be from 2016 –  but all will be motivating me to thought or lifting my spirit or making me move or giving me direction.

So the first clip I want to share with you is by JJ Heller , a singer I had not listened to or heard of before I read a blog called One Grateful Teacher .  What a great blog!  Even though I am no longer teaching, the colour of this site was enough to draw me in!

And then there was this clip which I absolutely love and it spoke to me so directly.  Enjoy!



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  1. I’m with you. Music is just a powerful influence on our moods and it’s a big part of my life too. Thanks so much for sharing this very positive and uplifting video. Loved it.

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