My Wall!

Donald Trump says he is going to build a wall!  Hopefully it will never happen.  I guess we’ll know in a couple of weeks.  As I sit in Australia and watch from afar, my mind wanders to other famous walls – The Great Wall of China and the Berlin Wall, which I visited earlier this year.  Both of these walls define the countries or cities in which they were built.


Walls are build to divide.  To keep things in.  To keep things out.  To hold things up.  To separate from and protect.

At the back of my yard is a large, continuous retaining wall.  It holds back the earth from the properties above mine.  It protects my property.  It defines my backyard.  But if it wasn’t necessary I would tear it down because it is ugly.


I have lived in my home for 3 years now and I am not a gardener.  I try to beautify that wall but because the soil is poor and it gets a lot of sun AND the wall is quite high, so my sons won’t let me climb up to reach the top, I have found it quite difficult!  I won’t give up.  I am determined to make my wall as beautiful as possible.  Last year I planted Sun Jewels and these have multiplied over time and have self sown to other gaps and will make another gorgeous, colourful show, as they did last year.  The Crucifix Orchids have still not flowered but have plenty of new green growth, so my fingers are crossed for later in the Summer.


My garden is a haven for native bird life, mostly thanks to my neighbour, who has some beautiful grevillea trees in her yard and I have a large bottle brush, in my own yard.  I was sitting watching the birds have a lovely time in my birdbath, when I noticed a tiny little bird seemed to fly directly into a hole in the wall!  I blinked thinking that I must have been seeing things!!  But NO …. a few moments later out it flew!  Over the next few days and ever since, I have witnessed a pair of tiny birds set up home in my wall.  It is very difficult to actually see them distinctly but I believe they are tiny Silver Eye.  They have dug into my wall and made a home.  I have tried to see if there is a nest or eggs or even babies but even using a flash camera nothing is showing up.


What I really love about this is that even though someone else built a wall in my yard, the birds have seen fit to make a hole in it, creating a safe place for themselves.  Therefore contributing to the beauty of my garden in their own special way.  It’s so lovely to watch them come and go all day long and they have such a beautiful song.

The hole in my wall where the birds fly in and out!

So, The Great Wall Of China defines it’s country and the Berlin Wall was torn down by the freedom seekers and my wall has nooks and crannies where beauty fights against the rigidness of it’s structure and flowers grow and birds live.

Hopefully, that new wall in the USA will never be built!



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