New Sport Shoes or Old Slippers?

As I write this, it is exactly a month since I returned from spending time in Berlin.  That means it must be 2 months since I flew out of Brisbane to start that whole adventure.  Wow!  Where did that time go?  As I reflect back on that time, it occurs to me that I am really missing the people I met there.  I thought I would struggle with all the new people I was to meet but instead, I loved every moment of it and them!  I miss the hugs and the company of having others around on a daily basis.  Now, don’t get me wrong …. I won’t be taking in any boarders any time soon and I don’t want any of my Boys moving back home either!  I am way too independent and like my own space way too much, for that to happen.  But yes, there is a hole in my heart, where the Berliners fit!

Who would have thought that I would feel so close to people that I only met and spent such a short time with?  Not me, that’s for sure.  As I previously shared here and here, these new friends have never really felt like new friends at all.  Rather, they felt like a great pair of sports shoes that you can immediately slip on and wear all day.  They were a great fit and comfortable ….. and I miss them.


Life is an amazing thing, as I found out again, this past week.  Just when I was beginning to feel lonely and sorry for myself, life threw me a line.  I was contacted by some old friends and by old friends, I don’t necessarily mean old in age …. but I might mean that too, but rather friends that had been a huge part of my life around 25 years ago!  I hadn’t seen or heard from them for about 20 years but had made contact through Facebook and next thing I knew they were visiting my city and subsequently after a phone call, my home.  We all sounded the same on the phone and it soon became apparent on their arrival, that we were exactly the same …. if you discounted the ageing process!  If meeting and making new friends in Berlin was like slipping on a comfortable pair of sport shoes, catching up with these old friends was like slipping on a pair of my favourite slippers!!


We had a wonderful afternoon of catching up on the past 20 years.  How our kids had got on in life;  grandkids;  trials and tribulations in our own lives, were all eagerly discussed.  But the best part of the afternoon was spent reminiscing about the good times we had shared together all those years ago.  We had laughed and learned and celebrated with some of the best parties I have ever been to!  Names of others, long forgotten were remembered and fabulous memories of lost loved ones were shared.  It was a wonderful lift for me after what had been a tough week.


My true appreciation for friends – whether they be new comfy sport shoes or old favourite slippers – is renewed!  I can only say that being a friend is one of the best things in life!


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