One Christmas Song A Day. #3 Away in a Manger by Pentatonix.

Day 3’s song comes from a group that has become a favourite of many of us.  They rose to fame, in 2011, when the won the third season of the the American television show called The Sing Off, which showcases a cappella groups.  Their harmonies, Kevin’s beatboxing and the innovative arrangements made sure of their continued success.

After 6 years of sellout concerts and  awards and great records, Avi Kaplan, the much loved bass singer decided he wanted to pursue other musical avenues.  Away in a Manger was recorded after Avi’s departure and before new member, Matt Sallee had joined.

Enjoy the wonderful tones of Scott Hoying, Mitch Grassie, Kirstin Maldonaldo and Kevin Olusola singing …

Away in a Manger by Pentatonix

See you tomorrow for Christmas Song #4.


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