One Christmas Song A Day. #6 An Australian Christmas by Leigh Newton.

Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere, in Australia and New Zealand, is hot and humid.  Christmas is often celebrated at the beach or camping in the bush or at the very least, eating outside around the pool.

The food we eat is very different from our Northern buddies.  Seafood, salads, fresh fruit, pavlova and cold ham can be found on most tables and those that do have turkey, pork or hot ham … these are mostly cooked on the barbecue.  All washed down with crisp cold sparkling wine, a cheeky NZ Sauvignon Blanc or an icy beer!

Although many of the Christmas songs are the same both North and South of the Equator, we have developed a few of our own.  Relating to snow and sleigh bells and roasting is almost impossible when you are dealing with heat and beaches and bush walks etc.  We do still hold on to the traditional church hymns but each year there seems to be another homegrown offering released.  An Australian Christmas or Christmas in the Scrub, is a great little tune written in the traditional bushman’s style and of course it introduces most of the indigenous animals found only in Australia.

Please enjoy An Australian Christmas – Christmas in the Scrub!


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