One Christmas Song A Day. #7 Aotearoa Christmas by The Polkadots.

In New Zealand, where I lived for the first 22 years of my life, Christmas was always accompanied by the flowering of the bright red flowers on the Pohutukawa trees.  They flowered all around my coastal city of Auckland and are referred to as the New Zealand Christmas tree.  If they flowered early – it meant that a long hot Summer would take place.

The Pohutukawa features prominently in this gorgeous New Zealand Christmas song.  I feel as  though it is talking about my childhood beach holidays at Arkles Bay.  The video clip features many iconic Kiwi beach activities, like beach cricket, eating fish and chips out of paper  and plants such as  toe toe and of course the beautiful Pohutukawa trees!

The wonderful photographs in the clip, match perfectly with the lilting melody, which enhance the simple words to create a lovely catchy song!

Here is …

Aotearoa Christmas by The Polkadots





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