One Christmas Song A Day. #1 Finally It’s Christmas by Hanson.

Hi Everyone – yes it’s me and I’m still alive.  I’m not going to go into the reasons I haven’t been posting but rather I’m just going to ease my way back into the Bloggesphere by posting one Christmas song per day until 25 December.  I’ve been motivated by the number of new Christmas songs being released this year.  Maybe it’s always the same but it seems unusual to me.  I’ll be trying to look for mostly new music from some of your favourite performers.

Then and Now!

Kicking us off is the band Hanson, who were the kings of the radio airwaves in the late 1990’s, with classics such as Mmmm Bop!  Their 2017 Christmas album is called Finally It’s Christmas and I am sharing the title track, accompanied by a clever video clip.  Enjoy and see you tomorrow for Christmas song number 2.


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