Our Greatest Inheritance … Memories!

Memories have been to the forefront of my heart and mind this week.  Good memories.  Fun memories.  Memories from before we had kids.


It’s funny the things that trigger memories.

Australia Day will always be Engagement Day for me.  While living in another country, New Zealand, Adrian chose the national holiday date of the country we were to live in once married, Australia, to get engaged on!  Sneaky bugger!  It took me years to work out how he always remembered the date and I never could!

The start of each new school year transports me back to January 1980.  Newly engaged and very much in lust  love, we wanted to be together as much as we could, before we were to be apart for most of the rest of the year.  We both had commitments that needed to be fulfilled for the year, before we were to be married in the December and could then begin our life together.  Adrian was able to stay a few weeks longer in NZ, before he needed to return to his study in Australia, as he wanted to be there to support me through my first weeks as a brand new teacher.

It was during this time that we would get the bus to my new school together and he would carry my books and papers to my classroom then leave and return on the bus in the afternoon, to escort me home!  It was so romantic and I loved that he was doing that for me.  That was until Day 3.  On Day 3, I was wearing the prettiest tiered boho hippie peasant skirt.

Kinda like this but in blue gingham …



All was going well on the bus trip to school.  We held hands and admired my sparkly new engagement ring and chatted about my students and how lovely they all were.  As our stop approached, Adrian rang the bell, stood and let me go first.  As I went down the steps to leave the bus, I heard this huge ripping sound!  As I had stepped off the bus, Adrian had stepped on my skirt and it had ripped almost completely off!!  As the bus moved off, I stood there, half naked …. not at all ready to take on a class of 8 and 9 year olds!  I think a quick cab ride home and a change of clothes was the order of the day.  Needless to say, I travelled to and from school alone, for the next few days!

My middle son, BerlinBoy, has been home on holiday from Germany.  While he was here, I was continually reminded of the time that his father returned to marry me, after some months of study in Australia.  It was just a few weeks before our wedding was to take place and I was so looking forward to seeing  all the familiar facial features that I had fallen in love with – just to remind me that I was doing the right thing.  Somewhere along the way, nobody remembered to tell me that Adrian had stopped shaving the day I had last visited him in Australia some 4 months earlier!  He arrived off the plane with a full beard and we went home from the airport in different cars!!!!  I’m pretty sure I was in bed before he made it home and he was up at 6 am shaving!  BerlinBoy with his beard looks so much like Adrian looked with his beard.

Adrian beard
Bearded Adrian









Looking back – Adrian was really lucky that I married him at all!  But what fun memories we shared.

By sharing them with you readers, it’s almost like sharing them with him, again.



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  1. That was so funny with your skirt! Life’s all about making memories and it’s usually the small things that linger in your mind and bring a smile to your face. Lovely recollections 🙂

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