Scandal! Shakespeare! Storms! Support!

Monday morning has arrived after a hot and sticky Brisbane weekend.  It feels cooler this morning, thankfully.  I don’t do heat very happily these days.  So the air conditioner got a bit of a work out over the weekend but I didn’t really mind because although the cricket was washed out (thankfully says every Australian) I binged watched Season 3 of Scandal …. how on earth do those actors speak so fast?

And then on Sunday night, enjoyed the first episode of the wonderful series from the BBC called The Hollow Crown.  Shakespeare is one of my loves and this series has much going for it.  In my opinion, the first episode is the weakest of the series – so if you gave it a watch and thought it a little slow, I would agree.  But hang in and watch next week’s episode before you ditch it because next week the most wonderful Jeremy Irons and superb Tom Hiddleston take centre stage and it becomes riveting television.

Of course, after a hot humid day a storm usually arrives to clear the air.  A super cell landed at Brisbane airport and this was the result!


I didn’t give me much rain where I live but it was enough to clear the air and cool the temps a bit.  The winds at the airport were recorded up to 157 kilometres per hour and around 13,000 homes lost power.  Queenslanders are resilient people and these things are pretty much the norm during storm season, so they will pick themselves up and get on with life being thankful for the fact of no know injuries or loss of life.

I grew up in a little country called New Zealand.  Most of my extended family still live there.  NZ is a feisty little nation, that punches way above it’s weight when it comes to sport, the arts and well, most things actually!  They are another resilient mob and this is once again being tested.  Last night, much of the northern part of the South Island and the southern part of the North Island was hit by an earthquake measuring 7.5.  Since then there have been numerous after shocks felt up and down the country, which continue to be dangerous, damaging  and unsettling.


Although my family mostly live in the north of the North Island, I have extended family and “by marriage” family right in the middle of the epicentre.  From what I have heard, they are all safe, but the fear and the damage and shock will be huge for a long time.  It is during these times that distance is both a curse and a blessing.  A curse because I’m not close enough to be a physical support and a blessing because I would hate to have to go through the situation myself.

To all the Kiwi’s that might be readers, I say, my thoughts and prayers are with you.  For those who have lost loved ones, we are sorry for your loss.  Know that people from Australia and the rest of the world are supporting you.  If there is anything tangible we can do, please let me know and it will be done.  Be strong and support one another.  Look to one another in your communities and don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Kia kaha!



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