Sorry My Home Is Untidy, But …. I Have A Cat!

I was reading an article today about the impact having 3 or more children has on your life.  The article was sharing, in a comical way, the best things about it and how you could use them as excuses for not going places or for having an untidy house.  It got me thinking!  Maybe that is the reason I have an untidy house!  But then I thought, no – my Boys are probably too old to blame, these days.  Do you think 25, 30 and 33 is too old?  I also thought that they probably have to be living at home to blame, too.  I guess living away from home for 7 or more years, lets them off the hook, as well!  Sigh!  Things were not looking at all good for me, as far as passing the buck on this one and then I looked across the room and was confronted with this ….

There is absolutely no doubt that this is the reason I have an untidy house!  Everywhere I try to clean or tidy – there she is!  My big, beautiful, fluffy Fev!

I attempt to clean the bathroom basin and find this ….

File_000 (2)

Or the bath and find this …..


Floor needs to be swept or mopped or vacuumed?  Sorry but this ….


Trying to do the washing ….


Or make the bed ….


Or pack to go on a holiday …..

Or unpack when I get back from my holiday ….


Or set the table for dinner ….


Or dust the coffee table ….


Or pay some bills online ….


Or sit in my new office chair ….


Or simply write a new blog post!



So next time you visit me and notice that I’m a bit behind in my housework …. just remember, that I have a cat!!


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