Stop Digging!

It’s Sunday night and I have spent the weekend alone, planning my week ahead because I need to pull myself out of this funk I have found myself in.  It has been equally annoying and frustrating and disappointing.  I need to do some serious self maintenance.


I need to work out a budget and I have asked a friend to help me with this.  I have not really worked with a budget – ever!  When my hubby was alive, he looked after that and in the almost 7 years since, I’ve always had savings or safety nets to make sure I was okay.  But now, although I still have safety nets, I really need to budget especially since I haven’t been working for some time.


When Adrian was diagnosed with cancer, I needed to know the whole story.  The good and the bad.  There was no sticking my head in the sand.  I wanted the truth – including all the details of what was to come.  Adrian, on the other hand, was not like this at all.  He only wanted to know things on a, need to know basis – as it affected him.  We both agreed on the same course of action …. which was to get on and live life to the fullest.  To use whatever doctors and treatments were available to have the best quality of life for as long as possible.   We just got to this course of action differently.

What on earth has this got to do with a budget, you may ask?


It completely baffles me why I can’t transfer this – know the whole story, the truth about everything, but get on and live life to the fullest – attitude to my finances …. or my physical health for that matter!  I somehow, stick my head so deeply into the sand that it is surely impossible for anyone to see me!!

Well, tomorrow morning at 9am, my friend is coming to see my butt sticking up out of the sand and will begin working on a budget with me.  So that I can get on and live life to the fullest!

Once my finances are in order, I will find another friend (spread the love around, share your pain with your friends) with a shovel and they can begin to dig my head out of the sand to deal with my physical health aka my weight issue!  But at the moment finances win.


Have you got your head in the sand?  What don’t you want to know the truth about?

Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. Oh Monday, good luck this week. It can’t be easy but it sounds as though you’ve got some good support around you and people who can help you. Sorting out finances is always a grind but necessary and once it’s sorted you’ll feel as though you’re heading in the right direction. Warmest wishes and hugs to you.

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