Technology Made Simple.

8 years ago, at around this time, my husband Adrian and I, were sitting in the hospice discussing the things I would need to know to be able to continue on, after his death.  That’s probably the only positive thing about a long drawn out cancer death – you get to say all the things.  You get to ask all the questions.  You get to learn everything you think you’ll need to know!  When your life has been affected by this horrible disease for around 12 years and  you have been told it’s terminal for the last 3 years – there is no excuse for saying “I didn’t have enough time with him or I wish I had told him … or I should have asked him about …”

Our family is actually quite good at talking about death and all it’s trappings.  Now that didn’t mean we gave up hope.  It just meant we talked about life and money and children and funerals.  We knew what readings and songs we were going to use at the funeral.  We had closed down our business and made sure I had access to all the bank accounts etc.  When Adrian asked me if there was any way he could make things easier for me going forward?   I replied –

simplify the technology!!

Adrian was a creative man.  He liked technology and was able to make do or create something to do the job rather than buying the complete package.  So that meant, if something new came out that he thought would be helpful, he would find a way to add it onto whatever we had before!  Sometimes to watch TV you might need 3 remotes and we didn’t have pay TV then!!  He had cords running through holes in the floorboards, connecting upstairs with downstairs.  We had speakers connected to everything and if anything came unplugged – well you may as well forget it.

I didn’t want that.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to manage it especially if something went wrong.  I just wanted it simplified so that I could make a phone call, watch TV, record shows, watch DVD’s, use the computer!  That’s all.  Adrian’s solution was to present me with a handmade, double sided, handwritten, laminated piece of card that had instructions and diagrams of all the wires and all the  pieces of apparatus  with clear and simple (his words) examples  of how things should be.  It was very thoughtful of him but it was not what I was looking for!  After he died, bit by bit I slowly replaced ageing and outdated items.  And I learned things from You Tube and I read instruction manuals which culminated in 8 years later achieving this:

And this is a picture of a fully functioning, self installed NBN internet connection with working telephone, TV, computer, pay TV, DVD player and streaming capabilities all functioning perfectly except I have lost Channel 7 from my TV and of course Channel 7 is the one that shows the AFL!  I am going to need Channel 7 soon because I have decided to break up with my pay television, Foxtel!  So if anyone can find Channel 7 on my TV, please let me know.  I have already retuned  it but – still no Channel 7.  Oh yes, just don’t ask me to tell you which cord belongs to which appliance!

I have decided to take my laptop to the Apple Store tomorrow, to be assessed and hopefully fixed.  Neither the keyboard nor the touch pad are functioning.  So I will be taking another blog break until it is either repaired or I buy a new one! During this time some changes to the blog website will be happening but more on that later.

Lastly, I want to apologise if my post is disjointed and rambles on but I am having a very poor  time in respect to my sleeping.  I have had two nights lately when I have had less than 3 hours per night.  This does not allow me to think clearly, let alone write clearly.

That’s all for now. If you wish to keep up with me during my forced break – you can do so by joining  The Mandy Diaries  Facebook page.


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