That One Friend ….

I’ve  been writing about friendship quite a bit lately.  I believe you can’t write about it too much.  To say that mine stood up over the weekend for my birthday is putting it mildly.  I felt like I was love bombed to the max!  So grateful!  So blessed!

And then there is that one friend ….

You have been friends for what feels like forever.  You don’t talk every day, or every week or even every month for that matter!  You used to but life is different now and you don’t need to do that anymore.

That one friend ….

Your friendship is built from hardship and trauma and circumstance.  You have lost your special ones together and you have got through it.  You know things about each other that no one else knows – and you know that stuff is safe.


That one friend ….

You live life differently.  One lives with feelings splattered all over those that come near them, the other lives with feelings contained – getting on with it!  You travel life  on different paths but paths that cross and intertwine along the way.

That one friend ….

You trust your family and your marriage and your life to this friend – you have in the past and they cherish your things the same way you do.  They love your children in the same way you do.  They see them with eyes and heart wide open.

That one friend ….

Where truth is shared and appreciated and doesn’t destroy because truth has been a saviour previously in your relationship.  Truth has been necessary in the past and will again be needed in the future.

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That one friend ….

Where laughter is never far away.  With memories of Expo ’88 and boat trips on the Brisbane River to see the fireworks display are shared and details of watered down cask wine and sandwiches served by cigarette from the corner of the mouth puffing , having sex in the boat toilet staff!  Where false fingernails in the Christmas cracker is enough to cause tears of mirth to freely roll down your cheeks.  Where sharing a wine over the phone was acceptable because you didn’t want to drink alone.

2016-02-15 08.55.13

That one friend ….

Who you think, at times, might have slipped too far away from your everyday life but then they visit for you birthday.  And they bring their own cake because they know you so well.  And they get you the perfect necklace as a present, because they know you so well.  And they couple it with a quirky basket that is so you, you didn’t know you loved it until you opened the wrapping and saw it, but they did because they know you so well!

2016-02-15 08.56.31

That one friend ….



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  1. You are so lucky to have so many close friends. I have found it hard and especially to allow myself to let people know how I am coping. Always the old Presbyterian schooling of doing things for others despite your own circumstances or ignoring how you are coping. Always a strong face.
    However sometimes we do not feel like that st all and our poor husbands get the full force of it like you talked s out earlier, laughing crying shouting anger and love.
    I will always treasure the times I spent with you and Adrian Mand the fun times we had. You were a breath of fresh air and we always had a laugh. So I am a….
    I hope to stay in touch friend who loves your passion about things.

  2. You are indeed a stay in touch friend and you are appreciated by me. Your support in my blogging journey is so much appreciated.
    Friendship is a tricky thing because it is a balance of give and take – much like marriage. For me, living away from my family, caused me to find a more accessible family – which I call friends. This said, my sister is definitely one of my closest friends. My personality is to be an over sharer – so my friends have a lot to put up with!!! Through Adrian’s long illness and our church stuff, life saving friends have become life long friends.
    We did indeed, have fun and our time with you and Ron are definitely some of my happiest memories xx

  3. What a beautiful post, Mandy. I know what you mean. I have the one friend, and I feel so lucky. Her name is Liz and she is a committed primary school teacher. We have quite different personalities but because of our shared history, I know that we’ll be friends forever. It’s a good feeling, isn’t it? Here’s to long-lasting friendship! xx

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