The Abi Diaries: Ballet!

As the mother of three grown men, I pride myself with having been there, done that in most areas of life.  But once a year at this time, I get to experience something, that was not part of my mothering journey, with my god daughter, Abigail!   If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you will know that Abi is really the reason I began The Mandy Diaries.  I used to write, on Facebook, about the times she came to stay over and these posts received such a lot of attention, that I began my blog!  If you want to catch up you can start here and then click on the tag The Abi Diaries!  But I digress – back to the experience …..


I become a proud dance mum!

Every year around this time, for the last 3 years, I have been taken to the Ballet and for one magical afternoon or evening, I’m allowed to dream of having a little princess (or prince), wearing totally inappropriate stage makeup, instead of rock star sons (sometimes, also wearing totally inappropriate stage makeup)!!  You have no idea how happily I slip into this role.  I think it is the only time I wish I had had a little dancer!  This wish does not last long before I realise that I actually have it better now as Godmother, because I have none of the expense or responsibility – only the immense pride and joy.

Abi is 6 years old – the exact same age as her mother, Megan, was when I first met her!  They are like two peas in a pod, personality-wise and physically.  They are tall and lean, and Megan went on to be a netballer …. Abi, however, is a born dancer!  For a 6 year old, she has poise and extension beyond most her age, her posture is wonderful and her mother has already mastered “superior bunning”!  It stayed in for a full 12 hours!!! (Listen to me all Dance Mum gushing like a pro!)


Most of all, though, Abi loves to dance!  Her enjoyment shines out of her and becomes a confidence and sureness when she is on stage.  The delight she shares with her family after her performances is returned with the smiles and warmth of the hugs given and received by those of us waiting at the stage door.



It has been such a privilege to watch her development over the last 3 years .  Whether, as she grows, she continues to dance or whether she does something quite different …. it has been such a pleasure to have this wonderful new experience in my mothering life!

2014 aged 4 and a half.
2014 aged 4 and a half.


2015 aged 5 and a half.
2015 aged 5 and a half.


2016 aged 6 and a half.

Other photos I love ….




N.B: Some of the photos are of poorer quality because of light and distance issues, others due to poor photographer and the 2016 photo is a rehearsal photo, as no photos were allowed during the performance. 


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